A couple more long time comics journos have thrown their costumes into a trash can and walked away.

Gavin Dillinger is and Outhouser no more. He’s leaving to spend more time with his family his projects.

I’m off to work on my own creations. I will still be doing The Panel Podcast, but my time with The Outhousers is at an end, with the exception of convention coverage commitments made prior to this posting. But even then I will merely facilitate. My name will not be on the coverage. Tim has already been fulfilling my duties the past four months, and was doing 90% of the upkeep for the site the past year anyway when the responsibilities of my day job took a lot more time from me than I had anticipated. So the site will be exactly the same as it is now. Snark filled, and Jude free.

spiderman_no_more.jpgThat leaves only Tim Midura making sure The OUthouse has a steady supply of corn cobs.

Frederik Hautain, creative director of Broken Frontier, is also hanging it up to spend more time on creative endeavors.

Effective today, I’m stepping away from Broken Frontier as the site’s Creative Director to fully concentrate on my creative writing career.

After over 14 years of covering comics, I’m going to focus on thinking up worlds, plots and characters and putting words into their mouths. Some of those words will make sense and the ones that won’t we’ll put between < > and have an excellent editor rephrase to legible English. But god knows what editors really do, right?

14 years. Wow. In 2002, the year I launched BF, I was a woefully young 19, embarking on my second year in college, ready for dorm room life and as god would have it: without much beyond a handful of pennies to spend on comics.

While Broken Frontier isn’t a huge website, it’s had a steady level of quality for a long time, something Hautain had a large hand in. It’s one of the few sites that was around when I started the Beat, even.

Andy Oliver stays on to run the site.

I see new names in the credits of CBR, CB.COM and Bleeding Cool all the time, so there are definitely more comics “journos” joining this exciting, lucrative field all the time. But Dillinger and Hautain got into this game at a very different time when the possibilities were more wide open. It’s a different and more mundane world now.

BTW, I will never leave the Beat for my other creative endeavors! I have no other creative endeavors aside from editing the odd comic now and then. This is it! When I step down, it will be to spend more time with my family for real!


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