§ NICE ART: Kevin Wada drew Roman Reigns on Twitter, explaining, “Well, he’s hot.” Agreed! Now do Seth Rollins!

Wada also tweeted these sweeeeeeeeet pinbacks which he will have for sale at Emerald City Comic Con. We suggest getting there early, as these will not last.



§ Michael Cavna rounds up ways artists are using the power of comics to battle Trump’s travel ban, helping to raise money for the ACLU etc. Sarah Glidden who has traveled throughout the Middle East is quoted quite a bit.

“It seems like everyone I know is trying to figure out how they can help fight back” against Trump, Glidden tells The Post’s Comic Riffs. “For cartoonists, I guess we feel like using our drawings to join that fight is the best we can do.”


Glidden has a powerful comic about the travel ban up at The Nib.

§ There really isn’t too much comics news because the world has ground to a halt as it watches, as one twitter wit put it, “50 pounds of news in a 5 pound bag.”

§ Peter Capaldi has begun the regeneration process of the Timelords, and the search for a new Doctor Who shall begin. He will not go down as a wildly popular Doctor, I surmise:

While the recent Christmas special was a ratings hit for the BBC, the previous seasons suffered a dramatic loss in viewership. In an interview last October, Capaldi blamed the decision to show the family-focused show at a later time slot, saying the broadcasting company had “undoubtedly” taken the series for granted. “It does frustrate me,” he said. “If you’re going to have a family show, I think you have to build up a little ritual around it – and that ritual usually starts with having it on at the same time [every week]. Even I didn’t know what time it was on because it got later and later and later.” Capaldi’s first role away from the series will be a return to another franchise as he rejoins the cast of Paddington for a sequel out later this year.

Now is the time for a woman Who! Or Paterson Joseph! Or a trans Who! Surely it gets boring to be a white man throughout eternity? Mix it up!

§ Rob Clough lists The Best Short-Form Comics of 2016 and they were many, and they were good.


§ Ariell Johnson, owner of Amalgam Comics in Philadelphia, has starred in a short video from Allstate #WorthTelling, a series of short films spotlighting worthy individuals and their inspiring stories. Johnson’s story certainly inspires, and the inside of the shop really looks amazing!


  1. § Crumb on Trump

      “Bernie Sanders who was out actually speaking some truth – I thought he was great. You see that’s what happens when you get a politician who actually tells the truth – nope, can’t have him. The Democrats made sure he didn’t get nominated. They reaped what they sowed, the Democratic Party operatives, when they fixed it so Bernie would lose the primary votes in New York and California.”

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