Like tea, dragons, and plushies? Well Oni-Lion Forge have got you covered with a Kickstarter for their yellowest, grumpiest, cutest character from Kay O’Neill’s The Tea Dragon Society series – Mountain Chamomile.

tea dragon plushie

For those not in the know but who couldn’t resist letting loose an “Awwww” at the Tea Dragon plushie picture, Tea Dragons are domesticated creatures which grow tea leaves out of their horns and antlers, with different Tea Dragons growing different types of tea (and sure, rooibos and chamomile aren’t strictly speaking a type of tea – but OMG THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!!!).

tea society plushie

Created by Kay O’Neill, the Tea Dragons are the featured characters in a trilogy of multi-award winning, fantasy graphic novels which started life as a webcomic based on a series of Kay’s own illustrations way back circa 2015. The Tea Dragon Society series will conclude with the third instalment, The Tea Dragon Tapestry, this June from Oni-Lion Forge. It seems to have been a wild ride – but at least the dragons are domesticated and plushable.

Oni-Lion Forge have produced other plushies based on the different Tea Dragons that appear in the series, like Jasmine, Rooibos, Chamomile – and now the latest, the grumpy-looking Mountain Chamomile.

tea dragon plushie

Head of Oni Games Steve Ellis says:

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Kay O’Neill since 2017, and my enthusiasm to work within their world of the Tea Dragon Society has never been greater. This Mountain Chamomile plushie is our latest effort to connect with Tea Dragon fans, and we hope they get as much joy from it as we’ve gotten bringing it to life.”

While the other plushies are available on Oni’s website, Mountain Chamomile will get the special pre-order treatment on Kickstarter. Keep your eyes open people and be prepared to give them a squish!