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Punk Mambo feature

These Punk Mambo #1 covers show how well punk and voodoo...

Valiant has a smart approach to introducing new series into its expanding line-up. Whether it be through established on-going series or big scale events,...

PREVIEW: The Dying One strikes back in NINJA-K #13

How do you stop a disembodied consciousness?

Preview: Ninjak’s Trainer Goes Rogue and the Threat Level Escalates in...

When both sides realize there's strength in numbers, the explosions get bigger

Preview: Unspeakable Experiments in the Shadow of Chernobyl – Ninja-K #12

Where is the body of the Eternal Warrior?

Advance Preview: Blackmailed While Hunting a Body Snatcher – Ninja-K #11

Arriving in September, Ninjak-K #11 kicks off the "Fallout" storyline.  Gilad, The Eternal Warrior has been possessed.  The Dying One wears his Body.  Ninjak is out...

Preview: The Bionic Ninja Has Escaped – Ninja-K #10

An experiment in cybernetics returns to haunt the Ninja Programme

Advance Preview: The Marriage of Man and Machine Goes Violently Awry...

In the 1980s, Ninja-H was upgraded. He's back and the feature is now a bug.

PREVIEW: What the Dying One Wants – Ninja-K #9

How many immortals are too many?

Advance Preview: An 80s Interlude with Ninja-H in Ninja-K #10

A ninja with technological enhancements

The Eternal Warrior Has a Problem in Ninjak #11

The Dying One is holding the cards... and Gilad