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More IDW news including new Ryall/Rodriguez, Stokoe back on Godzilla

Here's a round-up of more IDW announcements during ECCC, most of them part of a "Five Featured Firsts" program which will see a new book every week in July, more on Kevin Eastman and Godzilla going to Hell!

Six new What The Duck covers for April with Aragones, Stokoe,...

April is Howard the Duck variant cover month for Marvel and here are six more -- these covers could function as a mini-FAQ for "famous images to parody" : American Gothic, check, Washington Crossing the Delaware, check, Iwo Jima, check and so on. I don't think there's been a Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover parody yet, but give them time.

Varmint variants: A whole month of Rocket and Groot in November

Can't get enough of Rocket Raccoon and Groot, the dynamic duo that busted 2014 wide open? Marvel thinks you can't and in November will present no less than 20 comics with Rocket and Groot variant covers, by artists including Chip Zdarsky, Ulises Farinas and Tom Fowler.

Second Sullivan’s Sluggers Kickstarter campaign is suspended amid new charges and...

Well, that didn't take long .The Sullivan's Slugger's thing we reported on a little while ago has now blown up everywhere. First off, Kickstarter has suspended the campaign, which seemed to be being used for selling new stock, which is against Kickstarter rules:

The strange tale of SULLIVAN’S SLUGGERS

This one is like one of those baseball games that goes into the 17th inning, long and murky with no real payoff.

Big hauls on Kickstarter no longer a rarity as Sullivan's Sluggers...

SULLIVAN'S SLUGGERS is only the latest comic to get funded on Kickstarter in a very substantial way.

Afternoon reading: James Stokoe's Wonton Soup, Fire for Effect

Artist James Stokoe continues his assault on the predictable tedium of corporate comics with a huge art post including an ORC STAIN preview, pages from a WONTON SOUP spin-off and FIRE FOR EFFECT, a complete story he once submitted to HEAVY METAL. The latter is NSFW.