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Marvel Knights Turns 20: But Was It Almost A Jim Lee...

PLUS: How Joe Quesada got banned from Batman, and Marvel almost bought WildStorm.

New “Heroes: Reborn” Trailer Features Character Death

She's dead, Jim! Back in 2006, when the first season of the NBC superhero drama Heroes was debuting to rave reviews and mass audience acclaim, the show...

New Heroes: Reborn Trailer Features the Return of Original Series Stars

"Memories are funny things.  The good ones fill our lives with meaning— with context, with clarity...but other memories can deceive.  The ones that make...

SDCC’15: Heroes Reborn Gets Two New Games

Heroes the show. Heroes the games?

Titan at SDCC: Assassin’s Creed, The Blacklist, Heroes, Lenore and, of...

Titan has announced their full line-up of SDCC activities, and there's lots to choose from with ten signing sessions and two panels, as well as a bunch of exclusive covers, merchandise and sneak-peaks of upcoming series.

Heroes: Reborn Gets a Synopsis, Trailer, and Character Portraits!

Swiftly following last week's debut of the "Where are the Heroes?" teaser trailer, NBC has released a flurry of Heroes: Reborn promotional material to...

NBC Reveals First Heroes: Reborn Trailer

As a teenager, Heroes was one of the shows that influenced me most.  I guess you could read into what that says about me,...

Universal Television to bring Heroes Reborn to Hall H

Universal television announces its big Sunday panel

NBC’s upcoming Heroes Reborn to rebirth tie-in comics from Titan

NBC is bringing back their Heroes tie-in comic franchise along with their television series this fall. Though you won't see Hayden Panettiere's cheerleader or Zachary Quinto anywhere near the proceedings, it's possible those characters could show up in comic form with Titan announcing today it's gained the rights to publish a new line of comics based on the upcoming series reboot.