She’s dead, Jim!


Back in 2006, when the first season of the NBC superhero drama Heroes was debuting to rave reviews and mass audience acclaim, the show managed to turn its tagline, “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World,” into a meme.  It was incredibly prolific, albeit a little nonsensical– describing the show perfectly.

It looks like the Heroes failed to save the world.

Check out the new trailer for Heroes: Reborn below, which confirms the reason why Hayden Panettiere, the supernaturally healing Claire in the original series, will not be returning to the franchise relaunch while so many of her co-stars will be.


  1. Well technically, the reason Hayden is not returning to Heroes is because she is on a different show now. It’s not because they killed her off. If Hayden was available they would not have killed off her character.

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