I’ll have a longer write up and thoughts on SPX a bit later, but for now I’ll just share SPX’s photo gallery, because I was too darned busy having a good time and talking about great comics to take blurry Hipstamatic photos. I love the above one of Kate Beaton and Noelle Stevenson from the panel which I moderated, — i.e. did not screw up letting these two immensely talented creators talk to each other and their readers. There was a SRO crowd for this panel, and it was like a rock concert — Kate and Noelle are so charismatic and funny and in touch with their audience—the only thing I could compare it to is the time I moderator a Neil Gaiman panel, if that gives you some idea.

The big event was the Woman Sweep at the Ignatzes of course, but this was the most Diverse SPX I’ve ever been to, in terms of gender and age and race—although that’s lagging a bit. It’s so exciting to see this new audience coming in and not only making comics but finding them, reading them and sharing them. 

I want to give special personal thanks to Ellen Linder, Summer Pierre, Glynnis Fawkes, and Casandra Grullon for letting me crash their pool party; and Jacq Cohen, Chip Mosher, John Roberts, Brett Schenker, Kalyn Johnson, Shannon Wheeler, Charles Brownstein, Scott and Ivy McCloud, Dave Roman, John Green, Gina Gagliano, Kate Beaton, Julia Pohl-Miranda, Brigid Alverson, Johanna Draper Carlson and Josh Frankel for the help and support during what was, on a personal level, a tough weekend for me. SPX is a great place to forget your troubles and find your optimism and I think everyone came away fired up for what’s to come.


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