After two seasons, in which the series was seemingly gaining an increasing fandom from the Superman and superhero faithful, SyFy has decided to cancel Krypton, opting to not renew the series following its second season finale that aired just two days ago.

Krypton, a series that followed the adventures of Superman’s grandfather (Cameron Cuffe) ahead of the planet’s destruction and teamed him with a time traveling Adam Strange, is just the latest comic book focused cancellation from the network. Just a few months ago, SyFy cancelled Deadly Class and Happy!, both of which built solid cult fandoms, but never quite became strong enough ratings performers to meet NBCUniversal’s standards.

When Krypton debuted, it was a big smash for SyFy, scoring its most watched freshman season in years. But the second season lost half its viewership, and as Deadline points out, since it comes from an outside studio, the network relies on ratings monetization to keep a series on the air. That halving was unfortunately too deep a cut, and now the series is without a network. Though the word is that Warner Horizon Scripted Television is looking for a new home, potentially in-house at HBO Max or DC Universe.

This cancellation also sadly pumps the brakes on the planned Lobo spinoff, starring Emmett J. Scanlon, who played The Main Man this year on Krypton. With the main series going off the air, even temporarily, its spinoff is unlikely to see the light of day. Though again, hope springs eternal, as the folks at WB are very keen to get this character his own live action spotlight, come hell or high water.

So, sad news for the Krypton-heads out there, but there may be life in that old planet yet…until it explodes of course.


  1. Sorry, but the show was just getting into another deep part. Why would u even think about ending a series this good, minus about superman, when jor el as an infant, has been stolen by brainiac. There wasnt anything wrong with the whole show, especially wallis day. Everyones acting was well and everything made u believe u were there in the strugles with them. I would even rewatch when they would reshow episodes i had already seen , sometimes at 5 in the morning or three in the morning. Its not because of being a diehard superman fan, it was because it was something different than everything else on television, and better. If u lost viewers, it must have been#uring something important going on for those people. Alot of people cant always be there , if they work to watch everything they like all the time. I managed to watch all of the shows ,im pretty sure. How would u feel if it came on at 10pm in ur state? or if it didnt reshow till 3 or 4 am , in case u missed ithe 1st showing ? So in defense, i bet u would have been received better if it were earlier in the night, like 7 or 8. I know it would have been much easier for me to watch then. Its a good show and u shouldnt have cancelled it at least not in the middle of the story like that. Nobody should end a show no matter what , when there is still a story to be told with like for instance, ,……whos gonna get nissa and zegs son jor el back from brainiac, how is jor el ever gonna grow up to have cal el , if u dont keep the series going long enough for them to save him from brainiac? There wasnt anything wrong with this show , so whatever reason u decided to cancel it , u were plain wrong!!!!!! Not to sound rude or anything, but it wasnt on air longer enough for anyone to make the assumption u people made. The story or series hasnt been on long enough to make that choice yet , u didnt give it time. Bad form , so to speak. Since u dont wanna finish it then sell it to someone who will continue the story , since u wont. That was the best show u had on syfy, in a long time . It doesnt matter if the rating were down from the 1st season, , it doesnt make any sense whatsoever , to cancel that show, because ,killjoys is another good show that comes on, and ur ending that too. I also remeber when u guys were talking about ending that before now. Kryton has a great chance to be a great series , but not if u kill it before its even managed to get off the ground. I waited for that show since i had 1st heard about it, i i would have bought it on blu-ray when it came out , but i probably wont now , because u didnt finish the story , u just left everyone hanging, in the middle of all the actionand story that had been happening. I dont mind if u pass this onto syfy , cause they need to hear it or at least read it. Thanks

  2. Sorry but this just wasn’t a very good show. Mainly filmed in the dark in caves or in the fog, murky visuals, boring standard plot twists, too many players lacking any sort of charisma. Lack of respect for the source material. And why would I want to watch a show about Superman’s grandfather, Batman’s butler, cousin or work acquaintances, Abraham Lincoln’s second cousin or Beyonce’s former colleagues… Aren’t there enough good properties and characters out there, seriously? And shouldn’t they be treated right by showrunners who understand them and screenwriters with at least a modicum of competence.

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