Last night, SYFY held the Season 2 premiere for the Superman prequel series Krypton. One of the bigger selling points for the new season was that it would introduce the Czarnian mercenary Lobo, as played by Irish actor Emmett J Scanlan. Apparently, SYFY have much bigger plans for Lobo, as the cable network announced yesterday it’s developing a Lobo spin-off series for Scanlan’s character.
Krypton‘s executive producer Cameron Welsh will write the script and exec. produce the spinoff that may or may not have a pilot ordered, depending on whether SYFY likes said script. Clearly, SYFY are bullish that viewers will want to see more of Scanlan as Lobo.
Meant as a recurring character in the new season of Krypton, Scanlan’s Lobo has been featured fairly heavily in the commercials for Season 2, mainly because there has yet to be a live action version of the character. The decision might seem a little odd considering that SYFY is part of the NBC/Universal/Comcast family, and WarnerMedia seems to be trying to develop original shows for its DC Universe streaming service and presumably for its own upcoming streaming service. (Of course, DC Universe’s latest  Swamp Thing series has already been cancelled, creating more concern for the future of the streaming service following the AT&T acquisition.)
On top of that, the THR version of this story mentions that Warner Bros. is still trying to develop Lobo to have his own movie, possibly eyeing Transformers’ Michael Bay to direct. A movie version of Lobo has been in some form of development for over a decade with the likes of Guy Ritchie and Dwayne Johnson expressing interest in making it, but for whatever reason, every attempt to make a Lobo movie has stalled.
Lobo was first introduced way back in 1983 as a character in Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen’s Omega Men, but the character really took off when writer Alan Grant and artist Simon Bisley gave Lobo his own mini-series Lobo: The Last Czarnian in 1990. This was a far lewder and graphically-violent version of the character more in line with the duo’s work in 2000 AD, although they hadn’t worked together on the weekly British comics anthology. (Bisley drew ABC Warriors and Sláine, written by Pat Mills.) The duo (along with Giffen) gave Lobo an origin as the last of his race, having killed all the other Czarnians, but the series also built up his power base to make him nye indestructible and able to regenerate. At the time, it was obviously an attempt to create a DC counterpart to Marvel’s hugely popular Wolverine. The mini-series proved successful enough for DC Comics to produce a number of mini-series and one-offs.
Lobo has been noticeably absent from the comics as of late, appearing in Suicide Squad as well as a short-lived Justice League of America spin-off  a few years back. He seems to be trapped currently in one of Brainiac’s glass bottles until DC or some brave comic creator decides to release him on readers once again.
If you’re a Lobo fan, sound off in the comments about what you think about the little you’ve seen of Scanlan in the role of Lobo on Krypton and whether you can see him carrying his own series.
Also, is Michael Bay the right director for a Lobo movie or might that be just a little over the top even for Lobo?


  1. The drama will be a spinoff of the cabler’s Superman prequel ‘Krypton.’ Syfy is looking to expand the world of Krypton. The NBCUniversal-owned cable network is developing a spinoff of the Warner Horizon TV series built around the character of Lobo.

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