Luke Cage poster

Between Daredevil and Jessica Jones, some might argue that Marvel’s greatest live-action success might be on the streaming giant Netflix. Given at least the first season of both of those series, I might be inclined to at least give them the nod for “best in superhero television”. I was less hot on Daredevil’s second outing, as most of you know.

Next month comes the newest member of the Defenders line-up: Luke Cage. Get a look at the new trailer below:

We interviewed the star and showrunner of the new series a few weeks ago at SDCC, and got a nice sneak-peek at the character’s status quo and the challenge of adapting Luke Cage to the small-screen.

Luke Cage debuts on Netflix on September 30th. We’ll have a review before then, keep an eye out!


  1. I wasn’t so down with DD season 2 either, I’m hoping this is better. The two trailers look good. I’m starting to get weary of the Netflix Marvel nighttime colour scheme a bit though.

  2. ok, so he doesn’t wear a mask. what’s to stop the bad guys from finding out exactly who he is, where he lives, and how fast can they kill his loved ones or people he cares about, he ain’t the flash, sooner or later the bad guys will get to a loved one. maybe this aspect of the show will be explained, but right now it just looks like a giant hole in the story.

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