Since its debut last week, March Book Three, the final volume in the trio of graphic novels telling the story of Rep. John Lewis and the fight for civil rights, has not only bested everything on Amazon but Harry Potter, according to artist Nate Powell,they’ve had to print so many copies the printer ran out of paper. The first printing of Book Three sold out in three hours – but new printings are on their way, and Powell is selling autographed copies at his site.

Updates soon– and THANK YOU ALL for believing in our project! The people have simply had enough bullshit. We all need solutions, something to process, absorb, and with which to grow, fight, and shape the often-shitty world around us. We are honored to be embraced as a part of that forward movement.

And the media march for the project continues. Rep. Lewis will appear to night on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and Powell wrote that an interview with Fox News may be in the future. We’ll keep all the media appearances updated here.