On Amazon anyway. Holy crap. Four out of the top sellers are comics as of this moment, with Garry Trudeau’s classic look at The Donald coming in at number 6. Another is the Constitution, thanks to Khizr Khan. It’s good to learn about democracy!

The March team– Rep. John Lewis, writer Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell –  appeared on Rachel Maddow last night. In such troubling time such as today, the theme of the fight for racial justice obviously resonates powerfully.



The New York Times also recently spotlighted the trilogy’s accomplishments:

Prestige aside, the Eisner may be the least of this graphic novel’s accomplishments. In May, the New York City Department of Education announced that “March” would be part of this fall’s Passport to Social Studies program for eighth graders. The series has also been included in reading programs at colleges around the country, including Michigan State University, Georgia State and the University of Utah.

 Well done, Top Shelf, IDW, and of course the creative team. They made a book that stands up artistically and not just as a history lesson.


  1. The center of my English Master’s degree final project was both sparked and centered around this book. I very literally couldn’t have passed without it’s existence. So happy to see it being received so well.

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