Among the comics movies of 2016, the one people forgot the most was Wilson, the Craig Johnson directed adaptation of Daniel Clowes’ graphic novel; Clowes wrote the screenplay and Woody Harrelson stars as the title misanthrope, Wilson, who reunites with his ex-wife (Laura Dern) whiel struggling to relate to people. Isabela Amara, Judy Greer and Cheryl Hines also star. The filme was originally slated to be released this fall.

Well, now this will be one of the least known comics adaptations of 2017 as it’s been given an official release date of March 3, 2017 by Fox Searchlight. So now we officially have something to look forward to at the Cineplex next year! Which is only five months away. 

The above photo is an official still, so you can see the Clowsian world view has been captured pretty well.