At the premiere of the Batman: Hush animated feature last July at SDCC, an animated adaptation of the comic storyline Superman: Red from writer Mark Millar and Dave Johnson was officially announced. An Elsworlds tale that imagines if Superman landed not in Kansas but in Soviet Russia, continues to be a fan-favorite storyline since it was published in 2003.

Today courtesy of TVInsider, new details have been released as well as a first look image.

Superman: Red Son animated

It’s quite a group of talents the filmmakers have recruited many of whom should already be familiar to die-hard DC animated fans. Actors like Vanessa Marshall and Phil LaMarr are voicing DC heroes they’ve played in the past, Wonder Woman and John Stewart/Green Lantern respectively. While  Jason Isaacs has made a career of playing villains in past DC Comics projects, this time he actually gets to be the heroic lead..

Rumors awhile ago hinted at Diedrich Bader lending his vocals to the project but most assumed it would be as Soviet Batman. Looks like they were half-right, Bader is indeed in the movie BUT as Lex Luthor.

Read the details below and keep an eye out for Superman: Red Son release date.

Leading the cast is Star Trek: Discovery‘s Jason Isaacs, who will pipe up as Kal-El himself after voicing three major DC Comics villains in past Warner Bros. Animation projects: Sinestro (Green Lantern: Emerald Knights), Lex Luthor (Justice League: Gods and Monsters), and Ra’s al Ghul (Batman: Under the Red Hood).

Joining him are American Housewife‘s Diedrich Bader as Lex LuthorThe Gifted and Angel alum Amy Acker as Lois Lane, Star Wars RebelsVanessa Marshall as Wonder Woman, and Doom Patrol‘s Phil Morris (who was also Smallville‘s Martian Manhunter) as James Olsen.

You’ll also be hearing Oscar-winning songwriter and Goliath scene-stealer Paul Williams as Brainiac, along with Grimm‘s Sasha Roiz and Supergirl‘s Malefic, Phil LaMarr filling out the Green Lantern corps of Hal Jordan and John Stewart, respectively.

Frequent Batman voice actor Roger Craig Smith (Batman NinjaBatman: Arkham Origins) works the cowl again, and fellow WBA vets Jim Meskimen (Constantine: City of Demons) and Travis Willingham (Batman: Bad Blood) are on board as John F. Kennedy and Superior Man.

And because Russia, William Salyers (Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders) and Winter Ave Zoli (Boasch) will be n’yetting around as Joseph Stalin and Svetlana.

Superman: Red Son is directed by Sam Liu (Justice League vs. The Fatal FiveReign of the Supermen) from a script by J.M. DeMatteis (Justice League Dark). It will be released on DVD/Blu-ray and digital download during the first quarter of 2020.


  1. Superman was the bad guy in Red Son…how is using violence to suppress freedom of speech and thought and dominating the world through fear heroic?

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