Pioneering web cartoonist and prolific graphic novelist (with publishers such as Top Shelf, 1st 2nd, and DC), Derek Kirk Kim , can now add pioneering web TV series creator, writer, and director to his CV. Kim’s new web series, Mythomania, just debuted on the youtube and it’s GREAT. Mythomania is a comically poignant, slice of life story about a group of aspiring LA cartoonists. It’s a spin-off of Kim’s current web comic series, TUNE. Kim describes Mythomania as having “the same characters and it’s sort of an “Elsewhere” story of TUNE. Like what if this happened instead of what happened in TUNE sort of thing.”  Both Mythomania and TUNE share the same characters but protagonist, Andy Go, and his friends go down very different paths after college in each series.  Mythomania should be required viewing for all comicsy types. The second webisode features a destined-to-be-a-classic geek argument steeped in Generation Next’s political correctness about who’s better – Robert Crumb or Alan Moore, and the first one features a cameo by Scott McCloud as himself. Cartoonists Jen Wang and Jason Shiga (in a recurring pivotal role!) also make appearances later in the season. Be sure to tune in regularly and often. Derek Kirk Kim is one of the best storytellers around, no matter the subject matter or what medium he’s working in.

NOT COMICS: More Hobbit pics at the link. But not of hobbitses (via Spinoff Online)

The Captain America: First Avenger marketing was off the hinges this 4th of July week. I was at Venice Beach on the 4th and a banner advertisement plane kept flying by with a big banner advertisement for it but I was too lazy to take a pic. There was also some guy handing out Captain America fans on the boardwalk but he didn’t have anymore by the time I got to him which made me sad. Mostly because it was fracking HOT in LA on the 4th. Then there was this. And this. The buzz in film circles around town, btw, is that could be pretty neat… (via io9 and The Beat)

NOT COMICS: Torchwood creator, Russell T. Davies, has a new drama series in development over at Showtime called Cucumber (via Deadline)

Warner Brothers bought Image Comics’ intriguing vampire comic mini-series, Undying Love. Stephen L’Heureux and a production outfit called Benderkspink are producing. Created by Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman, Unding Love is a tale fraught with vampires, Chinese monster myths, and nods to the Hong Kong action genre. Count me in! I’m gettin’ that shizz MANYANA, people. (via EW)

ALSO NOT COMICS: Peace out and, just for fun, here’s a picture of David Tennant in Dreamwork’s upcoming reboot of Vincent Price’s Fright Night (via Spinoff Online)


  1. @Sphinx Magoo That was what I was thinking Vincent Price was too far gone for any action roles at the time hence the casting of Roddy McDowall as the late night TV host (like Elvira only less cleavage).
    I am sure Stately Beat Manor will correct the faux paus when the time comes!