§ Gary Tyrrell runs down the webcomickers at Comic-Con and they are a doughty bunch:

In any event, by staying in the ORANGE ZONE, you can meet up with the likes of oxymoronic descriptions, unsighted mustelids, gleeful poisoners, funployed funployees straight from the Party Mansion, Scott ‘n’ Kris ‘n’ Brad ‘n’ Dave, The Crosbyrama, the hardest working man in webcomics (plus the guys he works for), unlikely monsters, Uncle Randy’s travelling nightmare show, steampunk that doesn’t make you nervous, and the original murder of douchebags¹.

§ Kazu Kibuishi talks about the last volume of FLIGHT, AMULET, and future plans:

I honestly didn’t plan on ending the series until the day my editor called and we had an honest discussion about the future of the series. While “Flight” continues to be very successful for an anthology, it doesn’t sell enough copies to be considered a hit in the mainstream book publishing world, and our sales numbers were not rising. My goal with the project was to reach new readers and bring them into comics, but I was seeing that we weren’t doing a good enough job of it. I think much of the blame can be placed on the size and price of the books. It’s just a bit much to ask someone who has never read the other “Flight” books to spend $27 on a paperback. So I realized that the time spent on the series could be better spent helping the artists begin working on their own books. We’ll revisit the project again, but it will probably show up in a different form.


§ Musician Kid Koala is putting out another graphic novel along with a 15-track CD. SPACE CADET deals with “the concept of family and social connectivity while also telling an adventurous story of the relationship between technology and isolation.” We’ve never actually experienced one of Koala’s books — how about you?

§ Wrestlers Shad Gaspard and Marc Copani are also putting out a graphic novel! It’s called ASSASSIN & SON and does not deal with the relationship between technology and isolation. Rather, it is about an assassin and his son. They’ve turned to Kickstarter to get it published.


§ Daniel Benmergui is an innovatve game designer whose works involve storytelling, flash and the mysterious. Example: Today I Die. He’s announced a new game called Storytellerm and it’s distinctly McCloudian.

It’s more “gamey” than Today I Die or I Wish I Were the Moon, and the mechanics borrow heavily from comic techniques of storytelling like closure, points of view, captioning and frame transitions. Each “puzzle” is a story that must be built. I will write a bit more about it on future posts.

The game won’t be finished for a year so don’t get too excited.

Bucky and Jason, and what their lives and deaths tell us about ourselves.

§ Yesterday this “trailer” for The Walking Dead Season 2 swept the internets, starting with The Hollywood Reporter. While awesome, it is fan made! Hopefully the new season will be as good.