My computer will be in the shop most of the week, so I’m still working on my old G4 with its amazing 1.25 gigs of RAM. So I’m going to have to take it easy for the week because it takes forever to do anything on this computer, and I’m not going to invest in a more modern backup until I see if my MBP comes back from the dead intact.

I did discover a version of Firefox called TenFourFox which allows me to run things like Twitter, Gmail and Tumblr. Actually it works pretty well for basic shit. Basic shit does not include Golden Globe worst dressed galleries, and that is sad. (I don’t need to see galleries to know this however: Paula Patton, just don’t.)

As for why there is a picture of the now-closed Gray’s Papaya on 8th Street at the top of this post…I was wandering around my old neighborhood this weekend and every place I used to hang out is closed. 8th Street is now a solid row of $15 cocktail bars with black enamel facades and gold outlined lettering. WTF? Did they pass an ordnance or something? Well, everything evolves. The last time people bought shoes on 8th street is when everyone thought a G4 Powerbook was the hot new thing.

Anyway, I’m still figuring things out, but hopefully I can do a Kibbles ‘n’ Bits tomorrow. Send me your Kibbles and your bits!


  1. I know I appreciate all the work you put into the website, and making sure that we stay informed. Thank you.

  2. How’s the library-internet situation where you are? Maybe they’d let you stay on past the allotted time if you threw about your PW credentials?

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