Robin Enrico has announced yet another new small press show for the busy New York market, Paper Jam, which will be held February 8, 2014 at The Silent Barn in Brooklyn. This is the home of the Ditko! ‘Zine Library, a collection of zines and comical things, which is hosting the show. Enrico writes: Paper Jam will bring together a selection of local up and coming small press artists and cross pollinate their work with the arts and music scene of the Silent Barn.

The show is curated by Enrico, Paige K. Bradley, G.W. Duncanson, and Nina Mashurova and admission is FREE. According to Facebook, this will be a twice-yearly event.

The Silent Barn is located in Bushwick, which is as close to edgy as anything in New York gets these days. (The one time I went there, an installation consisting of erupting pink latex nearly made me crap my pants.) From the exhibitor list this looks like a very multi-media and fresh show.

New York’s comics scene already includes MoCCA, Comic Arfts Brooklyn, New York Comic Con and, I believe the Grand Comics Festival returning again—they all have different flavors, obviously, but New York’s scene is so huge that there’s room for yet more.

Olivia Fox
Stephanie Mannheim
Matthew Leifheit
Holly Knox Rhame
In Our Hearts NYC
Paper Rocket Mini Comics
Hazel Newlevant
Benjamin Urkowitz
Brian Blomerth
KATBUS & Comics Workbook
Leah Wishnia
Mike Taylor
Tia Doran
Zach Hazard Vaupen
G.W. Duncanson
A.T. Pratt
Halfling zine
Fvck the Media

More exhibitors to be announced.

The event will include musical performance at night:

Celestial Shore
Cloud Becomes Your Hand
Aye Aye Rabbit
Little King

More info on Facebook