Two weeks before the October 2 release of starfighter combat game Star Wars: Squadrons, EA debuted “Hunted,” a cinematic short that teases the story mode. You can watch the 7-minute video below.

The bulk of the short is comprised of an action sequence that sees a TIE Fighter attempting to escape an X-Wing hot on its tail. But the video ends with the TIE Fighter’s pilot, barely making it out of the skirmish with his life, informed over the radio that the war is over. The pilot, however, clearly isn’t ready to put his feud with the Rebels to rest.

squadrons scene

The developer of Star Wars: Squadrons is EA Motive, the same studio behind the story mode of Star Wars Battlefront 2. Like Squadrons, the campaign for Battlefront 2 also starred a member of the Galactic Empire and took place soon after Return of the Jedi when the Rebels defeated the Empire. Despite fans’ hopes that the story would offer a three-dimensional look at why someone would support the Empire, the game contained a more black-and-white story where the protagonist sees the error in her ways and joins the Rebels. Hopefully EA Motive comes at the narrative for Star Wars Squadrons from a more compelling angle.