Frank Miller was in LA this weekend to talk about Batman and the BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS 30th Anniversary Edition, At a signing at the Barnes & Noble at the Grove, Stan Lee showed up to greet him, and DC Entertainment captured this historic moment in pictures.


The LA Times also interviewed Miller about his work:

There has been about a 15-year gap between each of your “Dark Knight” series. 

It takes me a while to get as angry as he is. The character is one I can redo any old time. It’s about finding the right time and everybody’s schedules being open, and having the right people in place who want to get more daring. All these things have to combine at the right time. First of all, the story has to pop into my head.


  1. I know Stan Lee is a vampire, who’s finally getting ready to trade identities and go back into hiding for a while, but it really is striking the way Miller looks 20 years older than Lee.

  2. Yes, Frank looks like he could be Stan’s father — even though Stan has a daughter who’s 7 years older than Frank.

    Stan must be aging in “Marvel Time.”

  3. Miller had to endure some serious chemotherapy sessions, didn’t he? That (and NeoConservatism) eats you up inside.

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