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SDCC ’19: Stan Lee is a kid again in THE AMAZING...

The Amazing Stan envisions today's world through a young Stan Lee's eyes.

MINT CONDITION: Lee & Kirby’s Fantastic Four (1961)

A fresh look at the Silver Age classic that built the House of Marvel

Stan Lee's Ex-Manager Keya Morgan Charged with Elder Abuse

The charges stem from an incident that occurred in 2018.

Audible to Debut One of Stan Lee’s Final Projects This Summer

Stan Lee's Alliances: A Trick of Light introduces a new superhero 'verse.

Stan Lee tributes, The Jack Kirby Museum, and William Shatner line...

The Big Apple Comic Con is right around the corner! March 9-10 at the Pennsylvania Hotel in Manhattan.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 2/1/19 – It’s the cosmic rays! I warned...

Tom Brevoort takes us into the Stan and Jack creaive dynamic.

And the Comics Industry Person(s) of the Year are: Stan Lee...

The Man reigned over our year, but newcomer Olivia Jaimes made her voice heard.

Four Places You Can’t See Ant-Man in the AVENGERS 4 Trailer

Don't worry, he's definitely there, though.

The End is Near: AVENGERS 4 Trailer Promises Heartbreak, Vengeance

Good morning, true believers! Are your knees weak? Your arms heavy? Your heart pounding with the force of a linebacker's tackle on Superbowl Sunday?...

Check Out Marvel’s Upcoming Stan Lee Tribute Covers

Marvel has announced it will pay tribute to Stan Lee via trade dress on the covers of some of the titles to be released...

The Marvel Rundown: Disassembling UNCANNY X-MEN, and the mutant legacy of...

We talk about the latest relaunch for Marvel's merry mutants, and look back at Lee and Kirby's original X-MEN #1