Just when you thought there wasn’t more to uncover about Captain America: Civil War, here comes Empire Magazine with this issue’s feature on the upcoming Marvel throw-down that looks to be their most jam-packed affair ever.

Within its pages, the magazine unveiled another character, the up to this point unnamed player that Martin Freeman would be essaying. Now it can be told, it’s Everett Ross, no relation to General Ross, who is also appearing in the film. He’s primarily a Black Panther character, and in this film will be a part of a group called the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre. I’d expect him to pop up in Black Panther, along with Andy Serkis’ Klaw, most likely.

Also, Empire debuted this pretty sweet shot of Frank Grillo’s Crossbones, last seen pretty burned up after the events of The Winter Soldier.


There’s a lot of characters forcing their way into this one. Between basically every Avenger, Black Panther, The Winter Soldier, Spider-Man, Crossbones, whatever is going on with Sharon Carter and Everett Ross, and likely Baron Zemo, things feel a bit overstuffed. Hopefully this film doesn’t fall into Age of Ultron‘s same troubles on that end.

Here’s the cover as well, probably the best of these recent Empire superhero covers:

cover empire civil war