Last week Heavy Metal released Stable. The new sci-fi graphic novel comes from writers Matthew Medney & Morgan Rosenblum (from a story by the Herø Projects team of Medney, Rosenblum, Voodoo Bownz, & Jonny Handler), artist Francesco Pisa, and letterer Ismail Nihad. It tells the story of a group of humanity’s best and brightest as they seek refuge on an alien world after Earth’s sun starts to die. Today The Beat is pleasured to present an exclusive first look at the trailer for the book.

Here’s how Heavy Metal describes Stable:

Three Arks, two worlds, one chance at survival. On an Earth with a dying Sun, there are two kinds of people. The Chosen. And the Left Behind. As the Sun begins to burn out, humankind faces extinction. But then, a miracle happens. An alien civilization offers help by sending designs for Space Arks, spaceships programmed to bring 300,000 people to their home world to start anew. With no apparent other choice to save humanity, Doctor Caleb Paulson takes charge of the mission, leading the Chosen ‘best of humanity’ on a mysterious journey to a far-off planet. As for the billions of humans remaining? They must fight against all odds to survive, as Earth faces an apocalyptic ending. 

Stable is the latest book from Matthew Medney, who is also Heavy Metal’s chief executive officer, and the first title co-created by Medney and Morgan Rosenblum, Heavy Metal Magazine’s managing editor and art director. It’s also the first title in the publisher’s collaboration with Herø Projects, a creator-owned studio founded by Medney, Rosenblum, Voodoo Bownz, and Jonny Handler. Another graphic novel from Rosenblum and Handler, Winds of Numa Sera, which the team funded via a Kickstarter campaign, was recently announced as getting a Dark Horse release.

Along with the exclusive trailer, Medney and Rosenblum told The Beat what inspired their creation of Stable, and what about the graphic novel they hope hooks readers:

“Stable is a thought experiment on the elite class and how hope can turn to fear and how fear can turn to hope. We wanted to examine the parallels of choices while pondering the great unknown. Stable is a bold, fresh and unique take on the age-old question: what does a civilization do when they have run out of options? Do they face it head on, or do they scheme to ensure the safety of those they deem worthy?” — Matthew Medney

“It’s all about the characters for me. I’ve always enjoyed writing stories with ensemble casts. The challenge of getting an audience or reader to care about multiple main characters is one I do not take lightly. We introduce a host of unique characters in Stable, on what at first appear to be unrelated story paths, only to ultimately connect them all together in an organic, fun way. All the while, the characters will be pulling on your heartstrings.” — Morgan Rosenblum

Watch the motion comic trailer for Stable, and check out some preview pages from the book, below. The graphic novel is available in comic shops and bookstores now.


  1. How about Heavy Metal Comics putting some effort into getting issues #4-9 of Suneater out. #4 is only 2 years late…

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