Dynamite Comics dropped big news all day today about some of their biggest characters, giving fans some exciting books to look forward to this spring. Check out our round-up of what’s to come.

Vampirella Strikes 

This spring writer Tom Sniegoski continues his evolving run on the character with the return of a beloved title, Vampirella Strikes. Artist Jonathan Lau joins him on the title, which follows the now concluded epic 25 issues of Vengeance of Vampirella. In that story, the Daughter of Drakulon found herself suddenly awake and back alive 25 years following her demise at the hands of Mistress Nyx. Revived and with a bloody thirst for vengeance, she set across the post-apocalyptic world taking down Nyx and the forces of chaos.

Vampirella Vampirella Vampirella








“As I was wrapping up my twenty-five-issue run on Vengeance of Vampirella, my brain kept going beyond my initial Vengeance run, considering the kinds of stories that I could tell with our heroine in this ever-changing world that she now found herself in,” said Sniegoski. “It’s a good thing that Dynamite is giving me the chance to bring these stories to life with Vampirella Strikes because it probably would have given me fits not to tell them.”

Read more from the publisher:

“Now another 15 years have passed. Nyx is dead and the world is slowly recovering. Nature is crawling back and is melding with supernatural forces, forming a world unlike any seen before. Humanity and countless races of monsters live alongside each other – mostly peacefully. Yet amidst this evolution, dangerous and evil forces still lurk in the shadows and threaten the goals of peace. Which is where Vampirella comes in. Now under the employ of the Danse Macabre, she works as a special agent, on the most complex and potentially violent cases in the streets of Sepulcher City.”

Look for covers by artists Stephen Segovia, Junggeun Yoon, and Ben Caldwell, and a cosplay cover featuring Rachel Hollon. The main cover is a painting by Italian master Lucio Parrillo, paying homage to the iconic piece by the late Michael Turner. Vampirella Strikes #1 hits shops and digital in May.

Vampirella Vampirella Vampirella








Elvira in Horrorland 

The Mistress of the Dark is trapped in her own multiverse of madness in the new series Elvira in Horrorland. Everyone’s favorite horror host finds herself jumping between versions of horror masterpieces. Will she survive?!

“I’ve always been about celebrating the wonders of movies, especially fright flicks, from the classic to the cheese-tastic,” said Elvira. “I’m inviting all my fans to join me on this wild rollercoaster ride through so many of my favorite horror masterpieces!”

Read more here:

“In her previous critically acclaimed comic book series, the Mistress of the Dark got to hang out with the ghost of her dearly beloved old friend Vincent Price. Therein, she discovered how sometimes the legends of film can come right into our world, and perhaps vice versa. In the final issue, Vincent revealed that each movie creates its own pocket dimension… and Elvira joined him on a quest into one such realm to rescue a “final girl” scream queen being held hostage by her obsessive director.

Now, in this new universe-spanning odyssey, Elvira is herself trapped in this Multiverse of Movies. She will careen from classic to classic, faced by killers, monsters, and more, as she tries to find her way home. Off the bat in the first issue, she finds herself stalked by a hotel clerk who’s positively psycho! Can she survive the wrath of a serial killer and get to the next part of her journey, or is it all just a Hitchcock-tease?”

Writer David Avallone returns, continuing his close collaboration with Elvira herself, Cassandra Peterson to keep the character’s voice as authentic as possible. Artist Silvia Califano joins the creative team.

“Silvia joined me for an upcoming Elvira special – more on that soon! — and she’s one of my favorite artists to work with,” said Avallone. “This series is a dream for me, and I hope it will be for all horror/Elvira fans… as we bounce around through movie parodies stuffed with enough Easter Eggs for a thousand omelets.”

Califano contributes covers to the series, as do returning fan-favorites Dave Acosta and John Royle. And of course, fans will also have photo covers as well.

Elvira in Horrorland #1 will release in May. 


Red Sonja: Red Sitha 

Everyone’s favorite flame-haired warrior Red Sonja rescued and helped raise Sitha the Red from a fate eerily similar to her own. Mirka Andolfo (Mercy, Unnatural) is expanding the breakout character into her own spotlight series in Red Sonja: Red Sitha.







Check out details here: 

“Sitha’s village was ransacked and brutalized by bandits, most of her family slain, not too unlike her adoptive mother Red Sonja’s origin. Further, she was possessed by the spirit of the flame, Xamul. Through a perilous journey, Sonja was able to protect the young girl and teach her the ways of the warrior.

A decade has passed since those pivotal events in the flagship ongoing Red Sonja series by Mirka Andolfo. Sitha is now grown up, getting by as a fearsome young bounty hunter across the lands of Aquilonia. Her whole life is about to be upturned once more, when a figure from her past returns to loop her into a suicide mission. And how does Red Sonja factor in..?”

Italian artist Valentina Pinti joins Andolfo on the series, and both contribute gorgeous covers themselves to the title. Other cover artists include Junggeun Yoon and Paulina Ganucheau and fans can look for a cosplay cover featuring Gracie the Cosplay Lass.

Red Sonja: Red Sitha #1 will be available in comic shops and on digital platforms in May.


  1. You mean, their top licensed characters. Haven’t these guys ever come up with something original (other than The Boys?) on their own instead of profitting off the backs of someone else’s past glories? Everything they put out is a licensed produt

    And for all the people bitchin’ and whinin’ about paper shortages in the industry? Point the finger at these guys with their 50 variant covers for each freakin’ comic book they put out. They’re the ones that got the ball rolling – so it became a worldwide fad that DC and Marvel JUST had to emulate.



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