Teenagers have a lot going on. High school can be daunting, preparing for adulthood can be overwhelming, and maintaining a solid social life is vital. For Sonia Rockwell in Supersonic Girl, add saving the city to the list. 

Created by Sandra Diaz, the superhero web series centers on typical teen Sonia Rockwell, your usual adolescent girl from Radio City just trying to navigate the high school landscape. There are friends, homework, mean girls, and more. But what Sonia’s friends don’t know is that their bestie has a double life as Supersonic Girl, a superhero who protects the city from villains and megalomaniacs trying to take over. 

The Webtoons comic is a fun read. The bright color palette suits the high energy feel of the ‘toon, capturing Sonia’s youth alongside her high-octane adventures protecting her city. It also has humor and wacky villains like a bear gang attempting total domination. There is teen drama, but it’s deftly inserted without bogging down the narrative in angst. 

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Supersonic Girl