Spell on Wheels: Just To Get To You, the sequel to Kate LethMegan LevensMarissa Louise, and Rachel Deering‘s series about a trio of young witches who embark on a road trip to capture a thief and reclaim their stolen property, is due out in June. Now Dark Horse has revealed, exclusively to The Beat, Levens and Louise’s new cover for the forthcoming graphic novel:

Spell on Wheels: Just To Get To You
Spell on Wheels: Just To Get To You

Here’s how Dark Horse describes Just To Get To You:

The witches Andy, Claire, and Jolene find themselves back on the road traveling across the American Southwest when a mysterious dark force possesses Claire. Spells and confessions fly as the group confronts phantoms, cryptids, and personal drama.

As they make their way along the I-10 toward the elusive presence possessing Claire, they discover you can’t go home again, not really, and they’re running out of time.

Originally announced as a five-issue series, Spell On Wheels: Just To Get To You had three issues solicited before being changed by Dark Horse from a miniseries to a graphic novel. Leth tweeted last month that the fourth “issue” had been completed.

The first volume of Spell on Wheels is available in stores and digitally now. Spell on Wheels: Just To Get To You is currently scheduled for release in comic shops on June 17th, 2020. The final order cutoff date for pre-orders is Monday, March 9th.