It’s definitely last minute but a little overnight shipping or heading to your local comics shop/small business might get you some pressies for those picky comics fans. (Note some of these links are affiliate links.)


For The Hard Cord Indie Snob:

Simon Hanselmann’s limited editions Complete Truth Zone. These comics starring Hanselmann’s usual crew  are about indie comics inside baseball that are so obscure even The Beat doesn’t get them all. This limited edition was put out by Comics Workbook and there are only 500 copies. It’s $60 postpaid in the States – $80 in Canada postpaid – $100 postpaid everywhere else. For those who love gossip this is bitchy as it gets.


For The Indie Comics Fan Who Just Love Cool Stuff:

Gabrielle Bell’s Etsy Page is having a sale! For just $20 (20% off cover price) you get Everything is Flammable, one of the top graphic novels of the year and arguably Bell’s  most assured work yet. AND you get a FREE preliminary sketch page, while supplies last. Dunno if those supplies are lasted but you get a sketch from one of the best cartoonists of the last few decade for only $20. SO GOOD. Bell’s other books are also on sale. Get on it fast!



For the Person Who Needs the Most Beautiful Comic Book of All Times:

Fantagraphics has been getting into the oversized art edition business, and the Fantagraphics Studio Edition: Jaime Hernandez may be the most beautiful one of all. I’ve seen this book reduce strong cartoonists to tears as they poured over Jaime’s stunning black and white art and marvelled over his subtle use of light and shade. You can get it at Amazon at a reduced rate but it’s actually priceless.


For the Comics Fan who loves Fresh, New Voices, Inclusion and SF:

Elements: Fire is the Ignatz award winning anthology of stories by people of color and it’s a beautiful book with intriguing stories and an optimistic outlook. And also a lot of talented creators who you will hear a lot more from in the future. You can buy this and other Beyond Comics books on their Gumroad page. The regular edition is only $25, but if you’re buying it for yourself and on a budget, dinged copies are only $12.50! But it’s  also a strikingly beautiful book with gold foil on the cover, so splurge.   Shiny, Pretty. Win win win.


For the Fan Who LIked the Wonder Woman Movie:

This is arguable, but I feel that the George Perez version of Wonder Woman best exemplifies the heroic, mythological version of Diana that Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot brought to the screen. For a big chunk o’ George, try the Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 1; for a sampler the Wonder Woman: A Celebration of 75 Years offers a bunch of different stories by different folks.


Of course there’s also the Rucka/Scott and Rucka/Sharp modern versions, collected in one deluxe edition here. For the fan who needs to be up to date.

More suggestions in the next post!




  1. There’s a great deal of comics on sale too at Amazon! Well, digitally at least. The Wonder Woman by George Perez Volume 1 collection is $5, for 352 pages for example.

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