Earlier this year, the Society of Illustrators announced that for the first time they would be holding a juried show for Comics and Cartoon Art, and the winners—a Gold Medal and one to three Silver Medals in each category—have now been announced. The works selected will be on display at the SOI at three exhibitors, and published in an Annual.

Disclosure: I was one of the judges in the Short Form category and it was inspiring to see so much great work coming in. Anyway here are all the medalists:


Long Form and Comic Strip: May 28 – Jun 21

Long Form: A Gold medal is awarded to Tom Gauld for You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack (Drawn and Quarterly).
Silver Medals go to Gilbert Hernandez for Marble Season (Drawn and Quarterly) and Alex Schubert for Blobby Boys (Koyama Press).



Comic Strip: Gold medals go to Ruben Bolling for Tom The Dancing Bug and John Martz for Lighthouses (Lucky Peach Magazine).
Silver medals go to Bizhan Khodabandeh for Finding Time (Magic Bullet) and Brendan Kiefer for Stop! (787XX/Raw Paw Press).

Short Form and Special Format: Jun 24 – July 19


Short Form: A Gold medal is awarded to Adrian Tomine for Optic Nerve 13 (Drawn and Quarterly).

Silver Medals go to Maelle Doliveux for Four Fables (Seven Stories Press, “The Graphic Canon of Children’s Literature”), Hayley Gold for Nervosa, and Talya Modlin for Blimpakind: Drinking Buddies.


Special Format: A Gold medal goes to Ten Steps In The City created by the self publishing label Teiera (artists include Giulia Carla Besora, Cristina Portolano, Cristina Spanò, Giulia Sagramola, Margherita Urbani, Néstor F., Paolo Bacilieri, Pete Gamlen, Sarah Mazzetti, Tomi Um, Margherita Bruabni, Sagramola).

A Silver medal goes to Omer Hoffman for Two Years In New York City.

Single Image and Digital Media: July 22 – August 16


Single Image: A Gold medal is awarded to Keith Bendis for Little Red Riding Hood’s Wardrobe.

Silver Medals go to Liam Walsh for Land of the Blind, and André Carrilho and Luís Lázaro for Mandela.


Digital Media: A Gold medal goes to Ann Emond for Comiques.

A Silver medal goes to Leela Corman for Yahrzeit (Table Magazine), Blane Duncan for Blane Throttle: Part 1, and DingDing Hu for Peeling Inspiration.