Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint at Image — which includes Kirkman’s own books and some new ones like WITCH DOCTOR and SUPER DINOSAUR — will be getting Asian distribution via a deal with Moving Images, an international media company headquartered in Singapore and Los Angeles.

Today, SKYBOUND Entertainment announces the formation of SKYBOUND Asia, a partnership with Figo Fuad and James Lockard of Moving Images. The new venture is based in Singapore and will include comic distribution, marketing, merchandising, and participation in regional conventions.
SKYBOUND has had an unmatched first year after its launch in July 2010. In addition to Robert Kirkman’s Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series, virtually all three new SKYBOUND titles have sold out their debut issues with continued successful runs: Super Dinosaur, Witch Doctor, and The Infinite. The first collaboration will be the upcoming Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention on August 20-21; the event usually receives about 30,000 visitors/day from Singapore and Southeast Asia.
Robert Kirkman founder and CEO of SKYBOUND is thrilled about the expansion into the Asian market, “The next step for Skybound and The Walking Dead in particular is the evolution into a global brand.  Partnering with Moving Images to form Skybound Asia is the first logical step toward that goal.  It will allow us to gain a foothold in emerging markets in order to bring Skybound comics and products to an entirely new fan base.”
Director of Business Development Shawn Kirkham looks forward to what’s to come; “This is a very exciting opportunity for Skybound.  The expansion into Southeast Asia provides us countless avenues to showcase our IP’s to a new and eager audience.”
”We are extremely happy to be working with Robert Kirkman and Skybound,” the founder of Moving Images, Figo Fuad, “He has a huge fan base in Asia that is growing by leaps and bounds, the sky is the limit for Skybound Asia.”