While not as bloody an incident as the 2010 stabbing, this year the fever pitch of Hall H at Comic-Con was again marred by violence when Welsh actor Rhys Ifans, who plays the Lizard in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, got into a scuffle with a security guard, which resulted in a citizen’s arrest by said guard.

The incident was said to kick off when Ifans, who might have had a tiny bit to drink that afternoon, him being Welsh and all, went outside for a smoke with his entourage, and upon trying to get back in, found his entourage didn’t have the proper credentials. After a shouting match with the guard, Ifans reportedly gave her a shove, went on stage looking pale and rattled, and upon getting offstage, was arrested.

However, the charges won’t stick. Police were unable to find enough evidence for an indictment.

Gina Coburn, a spokeswoman for the San Diego Office of the City Attorney, said: “After reviewing differing witness accounts, our prosecutors concluded there was not sufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

This event is part of a whole new theory we’ve developed for San Diego, namely that it’s now way more stressful for Hollywood types than for comics folk — after all we understand that getting our entourages anywhere without a badge or a wristband is impossible. Actors just aren’t smart enough to figure that out yet.

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We’ve been assembling some other evidence to support this theory which we shall perhaps present to you before Comic-Con 2012.


  1. If entourages are outlawed, will only outlaws have entourages?!? :-(

    I fear for the future of our celebutards…

  2. Not comics-related at all, but Ifans was really, really good in Mr. Nice. Looking forward to seeing him as the Lizard, although I think Dylan Baker was a pretty awesome choice in the Raimi movies. Too bad we never got to see that play out.

  3. You automatically qualify as a reptile, lizard or otherwise, if you are a man and you shove a woman. Method acting!