So there’s good news and there’s bad news.

Sex Criminals #12 has been delayed, now releasing on September 16th.  Happily, however, the delay isn’t due to writer Matt Fraction ending up in a MPreg fantasy become reality or artist Chip Zdarsky deciding he’s more of a Hemingway than a Singer Sargent, but rather because of “high demand.”  You hear that, comics readers?  You’re such dirty perverts that you managed to force a comic to have two first printings.  Oh yeah, I guess it also helps that rising superstar Kate Leth, writer of Boom’s Power Up (second issue out today!), is doing the XXX variant for this issue.


The happy news?  Sex Criminals #11, the start of the series’ third arc, sold out on the distributor level.  Image is taking the book to a second printing, and with it they’ve announced the Sex Criminals Sketch Cover Contest.

Issue #11’s second printing will feature Matt and Chip reprising their poses from the infamous fourth printing cover of issue #1, except their faces will be cut out.  The less artistically inclined will feel ripped off by this blatant attempt to save on ink costs.  More creative fans will be excited to lovingly recraft the SexCrims authors’ faces in a 3000% accurate, photo-realistic manner.  Or they’ll just draw butts on their faces (I’m drawing butts. It’s my idea.  I claimed it first. Get off my lawn).


Starting on September 9th, when the second printing graces store shelves, fans will be able to post their drawings to Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #brimpersketch.  Fraction and Zdarsky will go through a painstaking scientific process to find the best sketch. That lucky artist will receive:

one (1) signed The Wicked + The Divine #2 Zdarsky variant where Zdarsky himself has eaten the portion of the cover with McKelvie’s face in order to gain his youthful powers.


one (1) signed copy of Just the Tips where Zdarsky has drawn a penis tip on every single page.


one (1) copy of Big Hard Sex Criminals signed by Fraction and with a personalized, handwritten erotic fan fiction story incorporating Chip Zdarsky and a character of the winner’s choosing.

Oh baby that Fraction fan fiction. aleX gonna give it to ya, Chip.  Then you’re gonna give it to Howard.