I said to keep an eye out on Titan, and it appears the company have announced a whole range of new titles to add to their current roster. Amongst them will be Pat Mills’ Accident Man, as well as new titles from creators including Victor Gischler, Lavie Tidhar, Larry Stroman and Carl Potts.

Titan only just launched this month, but this announcement seems to be thought of as a ‘second wave’ of titles for the company. Here’s the details of the various books, along with some images released by CBR earlier.


The long-running Alien Legion series will be heading to Titan, with the creative team of Carl Potts and Larry Stroman remaining onboard for this new run.


Adler will be a new women-of-action series from novelist Lavie Tidhar and artist Paul McCaffrey.


Sally of the Wasteland is being billed as a ‘grindhouse flick’ by the creative team of Victor Gischler and Tazio Bettin. Tim Seeley will provide covers for the series.


Pat Mills and Tony Skinner’s Accident Man will be returning for a collected edition, with new covers from Howard Chaykin. 


And finally, Des Taylor will be launching a new book called Scarlett Couture.


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