David Gabriel announced a bunch of stuff, including Origins II, Deadpool vs Carnage, and saying “We have not forgotten” Miracleman.

Also, more original graphic novels are coming—orders on the first one, by Warren Ellis and Mike McKone, have been greater than on Hawkeye.

Titan ran through a list of its upcoming books with trailers. including First Kingdom and Numbercruncher.

Dirk Wood from IDW was up next with Powerpuff, who urged retailers to give themselves a hand for helping make the excitement at Comic-Con.

IDW had been making more books returnable to help get attention in a crowded market he said. IDW is announcing a new project with Joh Hill at their 4 pm panel.

A new Star Trek Khan book which will be returnable, as will Powerpuff Girls. Retailers cheered for the new Samurai Jack book by Jim Zub and Andy Suriano, with variant covers by creator Genndy Tartakovsky.

TMNT sales have ben going up even though it’s in the 20s, an unusual occurrence.

Viz’s Akane Matsuo is up next, talking about the thousands and thousands of books that have been released over the year. and giving a lot of demographic info on the Viz audience.

After a long technical snafu, Dark Horse is up tlkaing about Art Baltazar and Franco’s Hellboy variant cover, a full color EC archives reprints—”a dream of Mike Richardson’s”—and the print version of the Eisner nominated Bandette.

Dark Horse is doing Game of Thrones figures, with Jon Snow and Daenerys kicking things off.

They will have a new Terminator series by J. Michael Straczynski and a follow-up to the baffling film Prometheus.

The audience cheered the mention of the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics—Gene Yang continues on this.

Gail Simone is writing Tomb Raider (more cheers.) More stuff coming from Gail.

Star Wars: has been doing great. Star Wars #1 will be $1 before the collection comes out, as they did with Mind MGMT and The Massive. Program has been a hit with retailers, and more “1 for 1s” are coming.

Star Wars continues with a new comic adapting the original Star Wars script by George Lucas.

Jeremy Atkins pointed out that the “1 for 1s” idea came up at a previous Diamond lunch, with A Comic Shop suggesting it.

Finally, ending a long afternoon DC’s Bob Wayne appeared. with a working slideshow. Time Trinity war will be returnable because Justice League Dark was softer.

Necessary Evil, a documentary about the villains in the DCU, comes out in the fall.

A Vertigo Defy preview book is coming. Issues 1-3 will be 100% returnable with 100% co-op a huge push for the Vertigo line.

Beware the Batman

Scooby Doo Meets Batman & Robin, and Looney Tunes, will all be returnable in October to get more of a chance to broaden.

Mad will be Returnable. We realized the sale of MAD could hinge on the cover parody; a Superman parody might sell better than a Mike and Molly parody.

DC Essentials debuts in November with four titles, 64 pages for $1. They include Batman by Scott Snyder, Wonder Woman, Sandman, and V for Vendetta.

Also posters are coming in August classic and modern posters, to enthusiasm.


  1. Anymore info on the EC reprints? Is this a continuation/reboot of the Cochran color EC Archives project?

  2. These cons look kind of dull really, is Microsoft going to show up? I miss their billion dollar Windows nobody-wants-our-Surface tablet commercials, with the dancing hipsters….now that was entertaining stuff. These announcements suck. Do they just regurgitate everything. and re-team up to regurgitate stuff again, and oh, there will 10 more crime/sci-fi noir books while you watch the Electro preview . The couple of months till the Shield show now feels too long….

    Please post the PowerGirl Costume Panel in room PC soon to add some spice to our day.

  3. That one pic shows Tales from the Crypt being projected, but nothing in the article mentions it. What was that pic for? is there a new tales from the crypt comic coming?

  4. Jason — my understanding is that Dark Horse is picking up the EC Archives line where Gemstone and GC Press left off, and their first book will be TALES FROM THE CRYPT VOL. 4. I assume that is what you see above.

  5. Hmmm… Fantagraphics is also reprinting EC stories.

    Oh, and IDW.
    Color: Dark Horse.
    B&W regular size: Fantagraphics.
    B&W giant size: IDW.

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