By Nicholas Eskey

DC Comics has some exciting things in the works for their toy line, which they revealed to the press in a swanky room at the Marriott Hotel adjacent to the Convention Center.


Due for next year, DC has a huge line of fantastic action figures. DC showed off three beautiful figurines inspired from the artist’s renderings of Greg Capullo, stemming from the Batman Zero toy line coming up. Featured were Batman, Nightwing, and Talon. Following the television show, some new figures are in the works for “Green Arrow,” showcasing Green Arrow himself, and the villain-for-hire Deathstroke. Not to forget the villains of the DC universe, a set of action figures named “The Suicide Squad” is set to come out, so far featuring a 6″ Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang. All are set to release sometime next year between February and April at around $24.95 SRP.


The statue line is also getting a number of additions. I was particularly impressed when I got to see a 9″ statue of Black Canary [this has been without a doubt the hit of the convention so far – Steve], rendered to fit the toy line entitled DC Comics Bombshells. Not to be outdone, both Cyborg and Batman stand tall at 9″ each with their striking statue forms. And last but not least, a Wonder Woman statue standing at 7″ tall is due to come out as well. All are hopefully to be out between February and May of next year, $79.95 SRP for Wonder Woman, and $124.95 for the others.

For about the last four or five years, the Batman franchise has been celebrating the “caped crusader” artfully in grayscale. The “Batman Black and White” toy line features mostly its namesake (with cameos from other Batman universe characters such as the Joker) in various poses and costume renderings.


A number of artists have contributed their individual visions for the toy line, such as Nicola Scott and Gary Frank.. What’s especially new this year for Batman Black and White is that the line will be marking its 50th Batman statue. DC expects to have additional figures for its line out later this Fall, and also early next year.

If you’re familiar with the video game series called Scribblenauts, then what can be better than a DC Scribblenauts game? Entitled Scribblenauts Unmasked, it features the main character of the Scribblenauts series and his sister thrown into the DC world. This game boasts various famous DC environments and one of the largest collection of Super Heroes, AND Villains. You can play the game by passing the main objective(s) for the given level, pit heroes and villains against each other, or even create your own character with any collection of powers and weapons. Following the game will be a collection of vinyl and plastic figures that looked as if they were pulled directly from the game. All are set to hopefully come out later this year.


Are you a fan of exclusive Comic-Con swag? If so, for this year DC had available a 6.5″ tall Aardman: Superman Action Figure, a 6.75″ tall Batman Arkham City: Hugo Strange,  an assortment of Super Best Friends Forever Action Figures that measure 6.5″, 5.45″, and 6.8″ tall respectively, a four set of DC Comic’s Super Heroes of Green Lantern in 3.75″ tall scale (featuring Black Hand, Green Lantern Sinestro, Arkillo, and Dex-Starr), and finally a 1:6 scale statue of the Man of Steel: Superman Variant. The figurines priced anywhere between $24.95 and $129.95.

And finally, under a veil of mystery (and equipped with a no photography sign) even more action figures and statues are in the works for next year. Some of which are additional statues for the DC Comics Bombshells, featuring the carefree beauties of Supergirl and Batgirl. Covergirl are in fact working with DC for a line of statues, of which I got to see the Poison Ivy rendering (whose buds are definitely rosy). And lastly the action figure line will hopefully be seeing additions of the likes of Super Boy, Wondergirl, and Kid Flash.

If there’s anything I took away from my sneak peak of DC toy line is this: This year is indeed slated to be exemplary for the DC collectibles. And so far, next year is looking to be even more so.


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