It’s been a tradition now for a number of years; the folks at Warner Bros. host what is by and large one of the most raucous presentations in SDCC’s Hall H.
Every Saturday, by 10 am, WB kicks off the Hall H schedule for the day by revealing their panoramic screen which highlights all of their huge blockbusters…and usually the sound-system by that point has vibrated my trachea to a whole new position in my body. Outside of the Eisners, it’s probably my most cherished time spent at the Con, live-blogging that panel for the Beat, other than spending more money than I need to at various booths.
From having Gal Gadot stare straight at me and into my soul, to Jason Momoa flinging his wet hair in my face, to watching Johnny Depp warble on in a strange monologue about…something…it’s been quite the showcase of films that are gonna be huge (Aquaman), underappreciated in their time (Blade Runner 2049), and outright flops (King Arthur).
But this year, it looks like it’s not to be, as the studio has decided to not put on a slate-wide showcase…perhaps following the Marvel philosophy of taking a breather from the show in order to build anticipation for the next go-round. It was whispered a bit among film journalists online, but Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman 1984 (what looks to be WB’s biggest film of 2020) dropped in with some confirmation:

And there it is! While IT Chapter 2 will have a presence in SDCC’s ScareDiego, where some new footage will debut, that will be Warner’s only big film presence at the show. A big turn of events, since it’s still unknown whether or not Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios might make their return after a year absence, it’s possible that for the first time since the show’s biggest hall became a blockbuster extravaganza, that it’s two biggest purveyors of action-based thrills are not going to be present.
Admittedly, in the past few years Hall H has been more of a playground for television, with series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead ratcheting up big crowds in the past after making the jump from Ballroom 20. While you won’t see Dwayne Johnson talking about Black Adam on stage this year, perhaps instead there’s a strong likelihood that HBO might bring Watchmen, or the folks at DC Universe will bring out the casts of Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and the upcoming Stargirl. And there’s always the CW! So I wouldn’t presume to say there’ll be no DC presence this year at all, it just might be a little easier to get in the door over the weekend.
On the other hand, how about that new Wonder Woman poster! All armored up and colored in Thor: Ragnarok’s color scheme. It’s the 1980’s after all!

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