If you’re still feelin’ a little SDCC FOMO, fear not – Jamie Coville has you covered. As he has done every year, Coville recorded some of the most important panels of the show – including the very moving Batton Lash and John Rogers memorial panels, the Stan Lee tribute and my own Friends of Lulu 25 panel. You can listen direct here and see 57 photos of the show here.

The Art and Magic of Comics Lettering: Discussion with Richard Starkings
(53:09, 48.6mb)

With Ivan Salazar and Taylor Morgan asking questions, Richard spoke about the classes that he teaches on lettering. He went through a slide show of different lettering types and spoke about where and what is lettering. He showed where balloons should be placed, how it can assist with the art, 2 and 3 dimensional planes, gave examples from works he felt were really well done, why he pioneered digital lettering, how to deal with difficult creative situations and losing the organic feel of pen lettering.

Batman and the Secret Origins of Bill Finger (44:27, 40.6mb)

Marc Tyler Nobleman was interviewed by Brad Ricca and Danny Fingeroth.
They spoke about Marc learning about Bill Finger, what Bill contribution
to Batman’s creation, the people he researched, who he found, the
lengths he went to in finding people that knew Bill or those close to
him, Finger’s Grand Daughter, the decision to do a picture book, the
documentary and changing of the Batman credit to acknowledge Bill Finger.

3rd Annual Prism Awards (29:49, 27.2mb)

On the panel were Maia Kobabe, Ted Abenheim, Nina L. Taylor Kester, Rob
McMonigal, Sina Grace and Heidi MacDonald. They spoke about the awards
and it’s association with the Cartoon Art Museum., they gave a shout out
to last years winners, spoke about the judges, the awards themselves and
presented the awards for the following categories:

Best Short Form Comic – See Me by E. Jackson

Nominated: You Don’t Have to Be Afraid of Me by Victor Martins
and Fazenda De Sangue Azul by H. Pueyo and Dante Luiz

Best Web Comic – Super Butch by Barry Deutsch & Becky Hawkins

Nominated: After the Fog by H-P Lehkonen and Null Point by
Amara Sherm

Best Comic from a Small to Midsize Press – Meal by Blue
Delliquanti and Soleil Ho

Nominated: The Lie and How We Told It by Tommy Parish and It
Will Be Hard
by Hien Pham

Best Comic from a Mainstream Publisher – Lumberjanes: The Infernal
by Lilah Sturges, polterink, and Jim Campbell

Nominated: Runaways #12 by Rainbow Rowell, Kris Anka, Matthew
Wilson, & Joe Carmagna, and Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss
Chronicles #6
by Mark Russel, Brandee Stilwell, Paul Mounts, Jeremy
Lawson, Rose Campbell, Ben Caldwell, Mike Morales, Gus Vazquez, Sean
Parsons, and Mike Feehand

Best Comic Anthology – ABO Comix Vol. 2: A Comic Anthology by
LGBTQ Prisoners edited by Casper Cendre

Nominated: Being True: LGBTQ+ Comics From The Boston Comics
, edited by Renie Jesanis, Kyri Lorenz & Steph Rose Glass
and Group Chat, edited by Carolynn Calabrese, Jenny Mott, Ashley
Gallagher, and Rachel Weiss

The Hard boiled Return of Ms. Tree (52:32, 48.1mb)

Max Allan Collins was interviewed by Andrew Summer. They talked about
how Ms. Tree was started, the look of Ms. Tree designed with Terry
Beatty, the soft reboot of the series when it was published by DC,
things done in Ms. Tree that wasn’t being done in comics at the time,
Ms. Tree being set in the 80s, Mickey Spillane and his relationship with
him and Mike Hammer, Jack Webb and Dragnet, the Challenge of his career
and advise he got, the Ms. Tree letter pages, how Terry drew the comic
and the criticism he got for it.

The 70s Panel (1:16:06, 69.6mb)

Tony Isabella, Trina Robbins, Arvell Jones, Lee Marrs, Mike Friedrich,
Louise & Walt Simonson and moderator Mark Evanier spoke about why they
got into the comics industry and their attitude towards doing it as a
career. They also revealed if they got some discouraging advice from
veteran creators, if they were told to work in a certain style, the
freedom of working on underground comics and keeping their rights, Star
Reach and connecting the underground and mainstream comics to ‘ground
level’ comics, editing comics and Archie Goodwin, how the Direct Market
affected their work and their 70s work they are most proud of.

Excelsior! Remembering Stan Lee (49:32, 45.3mb)

Moderated by Danny Fingeroth panelists Denis Kitchen, Maggie Thompson,
Paul Levitz, Marv Wolfman, Michael Uslan, John Semper Jr and Todd
McFarlane all shared their favorite stories of Stan Lee, demonstrating
his humor, willingness to help people, joy of interacting with comic
fans, intelligence and more. Danny also played a video of Stan wishing
Al Jaffe a happy 95th birthday that was funny and ‘pure’ Stan Lee.

Kurt Busiek Spotlight (48:53, 44.7mb)

Scott McCloud interviews his life long friend Kurt Busiek, revealing
that he wouldn’t be in the comics industry if it wasn’t for Kurt. The
two reminisced about what they enjoyed about comics, doing a fund
raising comic for the Boston Pops that had the permission to use DC and
Marvel heroes together in the same story, breaking into the comics
industry, his interviewing Dick Giordano and how that lead to his first
work, his “fun” mistakes early in his career, their liking Manga in the
1970s, Kurt’s view of the mistake the comics industry made with the
Direct Market, why he’s getting special thanks in the Marvel movies,
Arrowsmith, Marvels, Astro City and more.

Comics Law: Disney, Malibu and the Uncensored Mouse (52:02, 47.6mb)

On the panel was Michael Lovitz, Dave Oblrich, Chis Ulm and Nat Gertler.
They discussed what the Uncensored Mouse was and played an Entertainment
Tonight story about the comic, Dave spoke about publishing the book,
Michael discussed what is public domain and how it related to the comic,
the cover and why it was legally smart, why Disney hit them with a Cease
and Desist and the negotiated settlement with Disney, lessons learned
from the experience, asking for permission vs for forgiveness, looking
up if a property is public domain or not, trademark law and from the
audience David Seidman spoke about the reaction within Disney where he
worked at the time.

Best and Worst Manga of 2019 (45:50, 41.9mb)

Moderated by Deb Aoki, Rob McMonigal, Megan Peters, Christopher Butcher
and Zac Bertschy discuss their picks for Best New Manga for kids and
teens, Best New Manga for Grownups, Best Continuing Manga for Kids and
Teens, Best Continuing Manga for Adults, Worst Manga, Most Anticipated
New Manga, Underrated but Awesome Manga. They go through a large number
of titles, giving a 1 minute summary of why they chose the title for
it’s category.

Innovations in Comics (51:00, 46.7mb)

Bret Schenken talks to Nick Coglianese, Jordan Plosky, Atom Freeman and
Shing Yin Khor. They introduced themselves and what innovations they
have been working on, what kind of gap they saw that inspired them to
create their software, gate keeping and crashing those gates,
democratizing the industry, lessons learned, what technology they’d like
to see, helping educators and digital comics.

Finance: Valuable Tax Advice for Creatives and Freelancers

This talk by Neil Narvaez went through several topics in regards
to taxes and finance including Hobby vs. Business, 5 Deductions, the
right business structure, if they need to establish an LLC, and
Estimated Tax Payments. He broke each topic down and went into more
detail with some specific information on each one.

Stan Sakai Spotlight (50:21, 46mb)

Jessica Tseang interviews Stan about his career going into topics such
as how long Stan has been going to Comic Con, how Usagi Yojimbo started,
why he left Fantagraphics and Dark Horse, why he’s now with IDW, his
views on black and white vs color comics, looking back at his old work,
how Usagi has changed, his level of control over the series with the
various publishers, interacting with Stan Lee, how the business of
comics changed over the years, views on digital comics, Usagi being
developed for other media, being a part of Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles
and more.

The Awards of Comic-Con (51:32, 47.1mb)

Moderated by Jackie Estrada (Eisner Awards), the award administering
panelists were Ruth Clampett (Bob Clampett), Mark Evanier (Bill Finger),
David Glanzer (Icon), Joe Ferrara (Spirit of Retailing), Gene Henderson
(Russ Manning) and William R. Lund (Inkpot). At the beginning the United
States House of Representatives gave an Proclamation to David Glanzer
for Comic Con’s positive contribution to the city of San Diego. All the
panelists spoke about their respective Awards, when they started, how
they evolved, their judging criteria and a few funny stories about
presenting the awards.

Comics and Comic Convention Historians: The Next Generation (58:16, 53.3mb)

On the panel was Terry Stroud, Mike Royer, Bill Morrison, Matt Dunford,
Greg Koudoulian, Elliot S! Maggin, Steve Geppi, Josh Geppi and Alonso
Nunes. Greg started by playing a news story by Walter Cronkite about
comic book collecting. The group talked about a variety of issues
including, comics now building a new ground floor and helping the movie
industry, more women are now interested in making comics, Terry spoke
about selling comics, Mike Royer his involvement in the first comic con,
Matt Dunford spoke about being inspired by comic con, Elliot talked
about his getting into comics, Steve Geppi spoke about the magic of
comics, Josh and Steve Geppi also spoke about comics surviving digital
comics and how they were a good thing for the industry and the group
told what their first comic convention was. [Note this came to an abrupt
end as they ran over time and were cutting into J. Michael Straczynski’s
panel time]

Batton Lash Tribute (52:29, 48mb)

Moderated by Rob Salkowitz the panelists were Jackie Estrada, Anina
Bennett, Dan Bois, Jim Pascoe, Jon Cooke and Bill Morrison. Everyone
spoke about the first time they met Batton. They spoke about Wolff &
Byrd, how it started and changed over time, how Jim became a character
in it, Batton’s influence as an artist and how his being well dressed
caused others to become better dressed for the Eisner Awards.

Friends of Lulu: We Changed Comics (46:57, 42.9mb)

Alexa Dickman moderated a panel with Friends of Lulu founders Anina
Bennett, Trina Robbins, Liz Schiller, Lee Marrs, Heidi MacDonald and
Jackie Estrada. The group talked about why the group started, the reason
they chose the name, what the early meetings were about, the things they
were able to accomplish, the push back they got from conventions and
retailers, the awards they gave out and the ripple affect on their work.

Jae Lee Spotlight (46:18, 42.3mb)

Jae Lee is interviewed by Andrew Farago, they go over his starting
comics and breaking into Marvel, the massive shift in style between him
and John Byrne on Namor, why he hated the colour purple for a long time,
the working relationship he had on titles, his doing Hellshock and why
he took 2 years off between Volume 1 and 2, his work in Inhumans, Dark
Tower, and what he wants to work on going forward.

DC Too Tough Trivia (56:00, 51.2mb)

Hosted by Hector Navarro, the panelists were Frank Tieri, Steve Orlando,
Dan Jurgens, Paul Levitz, Benjamin Le Clear and Marie Javins. Audience
members were to pick a topic from Golden Age, Silver Age, Super villains
and Batman. A question was asked and the audience would pick which DC
pro would answer the question. The audience member would say if they
though the pro was correct or not. There was some cheating involved.
Regardless, the audience member would then get a prize for their

John Rogers Tribute (52:29, 48mb)

On the panel were David Glanzer, Janet Tait, Robin Donlan, Mark
Yturralde, Maija Gates, Mark Stadler and moderator Eddie Ibrahim. They
all spoke of how John had taught them or influenced them in some way,
how he was a very intelligent problem solver, how he had faith in his
employees, his compassion, his not wanting credit or to be in the
spotlight, how he made them laugh, his being a “work dad” and wanting to
know about any major purchase you made, his being very technically
proficient and his dog Parker.


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