One of the highlights of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was the Beat’s 15th Anniversary Party, held Thursday, July 18th at the Nolen, a fabulous rooftop bar complete. It was quite the occasion for comics luminaries to convene. Here’s the party pics, courtesy of Beat photographer Pinguino.


_MG_4501The setting

beat 15 speakerAttendees got an exclusive Beat bluetooth speaker to remember the party. Sorry they are all given away!


It was a night of love for Greg Tumbarello and Denis Calero._MG_4523_MG_4531

Steve Leialoha and Liz Schiller


Mixing and mingling at the party


Comics legend Trina Robbins_MG_4569

Matt Hawkins and Richard Starking


More of the scene_MG_4587-2

Pete Dolan and The Beat Herself, Heidi MacDonald who first met at a San Diego Comic-Con more than 30 years ago._MG_4594

Ruth Ann Thompson and friend_MG_4654

Alexa Dickman and Henry Barajas_MG_4660

Mel Caylo_MG_4674

You never know who will show up at a Beat party from Amanda Conner to Dame Darcy_MG_4677


Dame Darcy



And never ever forget to tip your bartender!



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