Though it’s only in its 4th year, Conan O’Brien taping his show at the Spreckels Theater during SDCC has quickly become a staple of the convention. Assuming you’re lucky enough to snag a ticket.

Like every year, Conan teams up with the ever popular toy company Funko to produce limited edition Conan Pop! Vinyl figures, transforming the popular comedian into iconic characters from the wide spectrum of nerd culture, and given exclusively to Conan SDCC audience members. In the last few years Funko has turned Conan into a Jedi, a Ghostbuster, and even a White Walker.

Last night Conan unveiled this year’s Funko Pop! Vinyl figures:

-Rebel Pilot Conan

-Predator Conan

-Ant-Man Conan (with additional tiny Conan included)

-Hellboy Conan

In a break from tradition, I can’t help but notice there’s no DC Comics character in this year’s line. Last year they had a Justice League Flash Conan and previous years included Batman, Superman, and even the Joker. I would have bet dollars to donuts that an Aquaman Conan would have been among this year’s batch, especially given the upcoming Aquaman film’s major presence at SDCC.

Highly sought by hardcore Funko Fanatic collectors, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on any one of these collectibles they’re guaranteed to fetch a pretty penny. Check them out below.


And for those at home, be sure to tune in on TBS July 18th – 22nd at 11/10c as Conan interviews the casts of Aquaman, Predator, Breaking Bad, and Glass.