Okay… Thursday.  The first day of actual full-bore, you-can-sleep-when-you’re-dead programming.

Since we’re on the East Coast, we have a 3-hour difference, so much of the early Hall H stuff doesn’t really hit the Internet until around Noon our time. Generally, I ignore all the celebrity stuff, although Bill Murray was cool to walk up the aisle, greeting fans along the way.  (And, as an example of “you never may know”, Bruce Willis said Bill Murray and Gilda Radner were the only stars of Saturday Night Live to treat him nicely when he was a studio page at NBC many decades ago.)

1970 to 2015: Comic-Con’s Top 5 Changes Through the Years

David Glanzer is Comic-Con International’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations and a man who spends 365 days a year thinking about San Diego’s largest annual convention… now celebrating its 46th year.
Then (1970) vs. Now (2015): here are Glanzer’s top 5 changes over the last 4 ½ decades to Comic-Con.

(I tried to embed the video, but if that doesn’t work, click on the headline above.)

Supergirl Flies High as a Debutante at the Nerd Cotillion

RadioTimes has the Twitter reviews from last night’s premiere of the Supergirl pilot.

This Year’s Official Comic-Con Bags

Normally, I’d present this as a separate post… THIRTEEN different bags this year! 

COMIC-CON OFFICIAL DESIGN _558e09cc8e22d1.21224824
The design on the reverse of the bag.

For the record (since the original post might disappear):

The ingenuity–and speedy sewing skills–of our attendees is amazing! Here’s a dress made out of this year’s Comic-Con 2014 Warner Bros. bags! Photo by Kevin Green © 2014 SDCC

TEEN TITANS GO_558e090b235de5.85337734 VIXEN_558e092a38ae89.07542746 SUPERGIRL_558e08dd5ad353.22181368 BATMAN_558e093e46de03.96407144 THE 100_558e096a129715.96994561THE ORIGINALS_558e0997913dc9.16672326 LUCIFER_558e08f72867b5.52315126SUPERNATURAL_558e09b04c4b82.43088296THE VAMPIRE DIARIES_558e097fe80715.25689916 GOTHAM - VILLAINS_558e08c382f6b6.79337753 GOTHAM - HEROES_558e08aa8cee56.04172101

THE FLASH_558e087ebf1537.66768383



Marvel’s C.B. Cebulski Dishes on the San Diego Food Scene

Zagat’s + Cebulski = Con Food Guide

What’s the one restaurant you need to visit when you come to San Diego?

For me, it’s a tie between Hodad’s and Pizza Port.

Hodad’s is a San Diego classic first introduced to me by artist Jim Lee, who lives in the area. I always get the same thing, the Double Bacon Cheeseburger; it’s a monster, but it’s how I start every trip to San Diego. And for folks that don’t have wheels at the con, not to worry: Hodad’s opened a Downtown location within walking distance to the convention center.

As a big beer drinker, Pizza Port Ocean Beach is an oasis for me, brewing all kinds of eclectic beers right on the premises and baking great pizzas to pair with them. Last time I visited, their brewer, Nacho Cevantes, let me try this amazing tomato and basil beer he was working on. And do not miss their wings! Plus, Pizza Port embraces Comic-Con with theme nights and discounts for cosplayers, so it’s always an amazing time to visit them.

Why the “Future of Women in Comics” Thinks It Helps to Be Terrifying

Vanity Fair profiles Kelly Sue DeConnick and the new demographic shifts in comics:

DeConnick has been a comics reader since childhood, but she only came to the industry after earning a drama degree from U.T. Austin, writing copy for the nude photo spreads in dirty magazines (“I hate to break this to you, but that’s not actually the models talking”), and eventually posting her own stories on a message board for author Warren Ellis, of the Planetary series. Ellis then invited her to work on a new site, artbomb.net, where she wrote catalogue entries for comic-book issues. Later, she got a job re-writing Japanese manga comics for a small publisher. She worked alongside a translator, making sure dialogue and story arcs made sense in an English-speaking context. She did this for seven years, in which time she estimates she wrote more than 11,000 comic-book pages. “So when people say dialogue is the best part of my scripts, it’s because I had a lot of practice.”

How to write a strong female character? Be one.

Marvel Unlimited Offers Library Access for ONE PENNY

antman penny
Not actual size

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Photos from the Associated Press

(Links to their website, to avoid any copyright concerns.)

Members of the Chun family carry out bags of Mattel products purchased on Preview Night at the 2015 Comic-Con International held at the San Diego Convention Center Wednesday, July 8, 2015, in San Diego. The pop-culture event is held July 9-12. (Photo by Denis Poroy/Invision/AP)

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer shakes hands with people dressed as Stormtroopers from the “Star Wars” films at an event on the first day of the 2015 Comic-Con International at the San Diego Convention Center, Thursday, July 9, 2015 in San Diego. Comic-Con runs from July 9-12. (Photo by Denis Poroy/Invision/AP)

The oldest Comic-Con photo in the AP archives:

Spacesuit wearing Scott Kind, left, and Alma Perez hand out complimentary editions of their comic book “Space Hustlers” at the 28th Comic-Con held at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego Saturday July 19, 1997. The four day event attracts over 30,000 people interested in comics and popular culture. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

Space Hustlers, created by Steve Owen, was published by Slave Labor Graphics in 1997. You can read it at ComiXology.  I wonder if Dan Vado can supply some backstory?

…and Getty Images.

They have lots of good “man on the street” photos, but as soon as Hall H opens, they and everyone else start flooding the pages with celebrity photos.

Here’s a great cosplayer:

You can tell this was taken on Wednesday… everyone’s still smiling.  But from reading my Facebook feed, people aren’t grumbling about Comic-Con, and I know attendees are excited to be there, even with the online obstacle course people have to endure.

Comic-Con: Christian Activists Disrupted By “Beast Rises” A&E Promoters

A team promoting the upcoming horror series took to the streets Thursday alongside the religious protestors usually camped out across the street from the San Diego Convention Center. However, instead of saying “Jesus saves” and “Jesus will rise,” posters and shirts for the series read “From flames, Damien will rise” and “the beast rises.”

Additionally, street teams are handing out stickers, pins with three sixes – a “mark of the beast” – and pamphlets directing convention goers to visit www.itsallforyou.com, a site warns visitors “He is the only way to deal with the coming end” – not a far cry from some of the other religious-themed materials handed at the Con every year.

If they were really on the ball, they would hand out mini-comics which spoofed Jack Chick tracts.