DC Collectables Icons Line
DC Collectables Icons Line

by Harper W. Harris

One of the first panels of SDCC 2015 could have been for just hardcore collectors, but instead it was jam-packed with info on figures, comic series, and commercials along with loads of incredible giveaways.

Among the exclusive announcements was the inevitable confirmation that the Greg Capullo line of figures will be continuing, with the next wave including the Batman artist’s take on Wonder Woman and the Joker.

Kevin Kiniry (VP of DCE Creative Services) and Jim Fletcher (Creative Director of DCE Creative Services) showed off the first four series of the brand new Icon action figure line, which are also a new scale and include in most cases some really unique accessories. The first four waves include:

Series 1: Green Arrow, Deadman, Batman, and Mr. Miracle
Series 2: Flash, Lex Luthor, Black Adam, Hal Jordan (Deluxe)
Series 3: Aquaman, Harley Quinn, Superman, Atomica
Series 4: Firestorm, Joker, John Stewart Green Lantern

Particularly fun looking are the Deadman that includes a translucent hood to place over other figures for him to “control” them; Green Lantern with a full body sized armor projection accessory; and Atomica, which comes with miniature versions of Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi.

There were two new Bombshell statues show, a Killer Frost and a very classy looking safari adventurer version of Cheetah, and along with another Bombshell variant cover month coming in August, Marguerite Bennett was on the panel to talk about the upcoming Bombshells digital first comic series that she is writing. It will take place during an “alternate history World War II,” and will be drawn by the very talented Marguerite Sauvage. Bennett said she had fun basing the stories and characters around different stylistic ideas: for example, Supergirl will read like a propaganda film, while Zatanna is more like a Hammer Horror movie.

DC Designer Series Line: Darwyn Cooke
DC Designer Series Line: Darwyn Cooke

Along with the gorgeous Darwyn Cooke figures that are on display at the DCE booth, we were treated to a view of the Lee Bermejo figures from the same Designer Series line. Bermejo introduced his Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, Superman, and Batman figures, and noted that while working on the designs, Jim Lee told him that “none of our characters iron their clothes.” Bermejo was asked if DC Collectables might put out a Joker figure based on his OGN–there are no plans yet, but strong hints were given that it might show up in the Batman Black and White line very soon.

There was a lot of talk about the wonderful new series of Batman: The Animated Series figures, sculpted by Irene Matar who was in attendance. On top of showing off the newest additions to the line in Etrigan, Klarion, Gordan, Zatanna, and Ra’s Al Ghul, they showed a really fun commercial for the line that had to revive a level of nostalgia for anyone over 20 in the room. The ad featured the figures being played with by visible hands with a dramatic narrator full of puns in classic 90’s fashion, with Batman repeatedly crashing through brick walls and proclaiming, “It’s Batman!” In the end, it’s revealed that it is Paul Dini and Kevin Smith playing with the toys, and they insist on making the Batman and Catwoman figures kiss.

In addition to giving away boatloads of figures and statues during game show style games, DC also showed off Arkham Knight figures (Man-Bat, Azrael, Professor Pyg), Arrow and Flash figures (Arrow season 3, Black Canary, Malcolm Merlyn, Reverse-Flash, Heat Wave), and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice statues (Superman, Batman, Armored Batman, with hints of a coming Wonder Woman).

Those at SDCC this year can pick up some convention exclusives in a cute Krypto the Superdog plush and a Jim Lee sketch version of a Batman figure. Some crowd questions elicited other light announcements, including some upcoming Central City police badges and more wooden figures.

For DC collectors new and old alike, there are lots of things to look forward to!


  1. Any hints at more figures from Arrow and Flash than what was shown? Or if perhaps they plan on Batman V Superman figures along with the statues? Thanks!!

  2. I REALLY want a Bermejo Joker figure and hope DC Collectibles makes it happen. When you mentioned the Black & White line I assumed you meant the statue line, but was there some mention of a black & white figure line?

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