Marvel gave a little more context on the recently announced All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe during the Uncanny Inhumans panel (which was also heavy on X-Men news.) In attendance during the panel was a fan dressed up in a Medusa outfit who snagged a picture with Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso before he took the stage proper — followed by The Uncanny Inhumans title Charles Soule, who did the same before stepping to the stage. Jeff Lemire graced the stage alongside Cullen Bunn and Humberto Ramos. The panel was moderated by Sales Communication and Event Coordinator Jake Friedfeld.

IMG_2193The first announcement of the panel was Uncanny X-Men #600 slated for October 7th, an important issue that is set to finish off previous writer Brian Michael Bendis’ last issue. A new volume of All-New X-Men is launching this fall with Dennis Hopeless and Mark Bagley, featuring the young mutants trying to find peace in the post-(Cylops getting the phoenix again and making everything terrible)X-Men world.

Extraordinary X-Men #1 is slated for October 14th, as Lemire noted he was really excited about the new direction of the book. Storm is confirmed to lead the team and “carry on the dream of Professor Xavier.” Lemire teased a “a ton of surprises” coming to the book. He also explained that new twists on familiar relationships were established in the relationship forming between Old Man Logan and Jean Grey. Soule stepped in and praised a moment between Colossus and Magik.

Jeff Lemire thought his Old Man Logan series starting this fall will be “pretty cool.” Fans can see the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe through the “eyes of an outsider” when Old Man Logan debuts later on in the fall. A new cover was shown off for All-New Wolverine by Bengal the comic is being written by Tom Taylor and drawn by David Lopez — the new book is shipping on October 7th.


The brand new Uncanny X-Men comic was given the spotlight from Cullen Bunn and Greg Land. “It’s a dangerous time for mutants” said Bunn noting that he wanted to put a team together to fight off the dangerous world that the team inhabit. The team includes: Mystique, Sabretooth, Psylocke, Fantomex and Magneto. Fans received clarification that Sabretooth is retaining the good alignment.

Then…author Jeff Lemire stated something surprising: “Hey Cullen how does it feel knowing that Magic could kick everyone’s ass on your team.” The panelists shared a laugh, and Cullen Bunn retained a sense of good humor in his response.

A really quick mention of Deadpool was followed up by the big Karnak series from Warren Ellis and Gerardo Zaffino coming on October 7th. Alonso stated that editor Nick Lowe was the Warren “Ellis whisperer” at Marvel — able to get the writer on the title.

The Uncanny Inhumans is launching this fall starring the creative team of author Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven. “After Death of Wolverine we were sort of looking for the next thing to do” said Soule “and they brought us the Uncanny Inhumans.” With the fallout of the terrigenesis crystals following the events of Infinity, the author noted that the Inhumans could be hiding in this very Comic-Con panel! Also referenced was The Uncanny Inhumans #0 issue will lead into the upcoming Uncanny Inhumans story. A fan asked about the disappearance of Cyclops and Emma Frost. Lemire stated that there is a reason for Cyclops’ absence as one the most prominent missing mutants.

Another fan questioned if Gordon hailing from the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series would return to the comics. Soule stated that while he was excited that the character made the transition into the comics medium, he didn’t have any upcoming plans for the transmedia hero.

Soule teased a new relationship with Johnny Storm and Medusa — which is made more complicated regarding Johnny Storm’s past relationship with Medusa’s sister Crystal. Soule explained that he has written Storm into many upcoming scripts of the title and that he’s excited to script the sequence in which Crystal discovers the new relationship of Medusa and Storm.

A fan questioned where the Fantastic Four characters are in the Marvel Universe not including Storm. “Don’t believe everything you hear on the internet” stated Alonso.