Apparently there’s a weak spot in the fortress that is the line for Hall H tickets at SDCC.  Twitter user @Dre222 snapped a pic of this open area:

In theory, this location acts as a re-entry point into the line for people who leave to use the bathroom and for those who require additional assistance getting in line.  Unfortunately, when the guards opened this point to allow a few individuals back into the line, a large group of at least a hundred individuals busted their way though as well.  People who legitimately leave the line receive return tickets, but those tickets were not checked by the lax security guards at the convention center, allowing this debacle to occur.

Fortunately, it seems as though situation has been resolved, as SDCC officials and more security finally showed up and took the ticket-less offenders out of line.  Props to the administration for moving quickly and averting what could have been a major crisis considering the fact that people have spent their entire first day of SDCC waiting in line for tickets.

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