Today, DC is handing out some pretty fancy looking capes to coincide with the launch of DC Superhero Girls, a new line of stories targeted at 6-12 year olds of the XX chromosomal structure.


This little piece of SWAG follows the launch of the line’s website, which features heroes like Wonder Woman, Katana, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and Supergirl gathered at Super Hero High, a place where “awkward” teenagers can learn to channel their powers and put them to use (what’s Harley’s power, exactly?).  DC will be partnering with Warner Bros. Animation, Consumer Products, and Mattel for this project, so expect to see some product announcements soon.

DCSuperheroGirls3 DCSuperheroGirls4

As DC diversity efforts go, this one looks like a slam dunk thus far.  They’re really pushing the promo material for this at SDCC, so it’s clear that they’re dedicated to making it work.  Fingers crossed it leads to an influx of female voices in comics down the road.



  1. My mind can’t make the connection… Isn’t DC partnering with Mattel on something else for kids?

    Oh, and DC’s used this angle before:

    Walker and Jones have plotted it out through the 12th Grade, so they could restart the series with little difficulty.
    A no-brainer, really, as the tv series has gotten good buzz from last night’s premiere.

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