The first day of SDCC hasn’t even begun yet and there’s already a line for Friday’s Hall H panels.  According to SDCC’s policies, wristbands for these panels won’t be distributed until this evening, which means these poor souls will be spending their entire first day of the show waiting for tomorrow, as is the comic con way.



Friday’s Hall H events include two The Walking Dead panels, a Game of Thrones Q&A, and a Star Wars: The Force Awakens preview, so it’s no wonder everything is already terrible.

Stay tuned to The Beat for SDCC coverage all weekend. We’ll let you know when the line reaches Manhattan.


  1. Actually a serious response even if it sounds like sarcasm. Could it be because doing it that way would take away from SDCC being able to generate media attention for how long the lines for Hall H panels are each year?

  2. Well that’s evil.

    You’ve got to figure that every person standing on that line is a person not spending money in the convention or the city in general.

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