Every year, ESPN the Magazine celebrates the human physique through its annual Body Issue.  Featuring bodies so well sculpted that they would make Michelangelo blush, the Body Issue is known for capturing the pinnacle of human physicality through breathtaking and dynamic photography (NSFW).  This year’s issue is even more special because ESPN has teamed up with Marvel to present The Body Issue: Super Heroes Edition, a special insert within the main magazine that features beautiful illustrations of characters including Iron Man, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, and She-Hulk.

“When I’m illustrating such dynamic figures, background explosions help sell the impact the character is having on the environment around him. The toughest part is trying to show the kinetic energy in a static image.” —Jim Cheung

ESPN’s website is currently playing host to an exclusive digital sketch book that offers a look at the process of creating art for the Super Heroes edition of The Body Issue.  The page has some neat interactive elements that allow one to view the anatomical sketches beneath each finished piece of art.

Iron Man illustrator Mike Deodato says:

“Drawing super heroes? Well, they have to be perfect. They are like modern gods.”

The rest of the artists in this insert are Alex Maleev (Daredevil), Sara Pichelli (Captain Marvel), Emanuela Lupacchino (Medusa), Leinil Francis Yu (Luke Cage), Frank Cho (She-Hulk), Russelle Dauterman (Iron Fist), Jim Cheung (Hulk), and Greg Land (Ant-Man).

The Body Issue of ESPN the Magazine and the Super Hero insert will hit newsstands this Friday, July 10th.