COD Activision and COD dev Treyarch took to SDSCC to unveil the new zombie mode for the upcoming Black Ops III . A sizzle reel with previous zombie modes fired up the crowd.

Tom (ProSyndicate) Cassell led the reveal panel who introduced Jason Blundell and Craig Houston from Treyarch. The group opened up by talking about how zombies were added to COD: World at War. Its origins stem from simply having left over assets when the game was being developed. When it was first a code on the disk fans had to dig deep to unlock it. Through tons of emails from fans who wanted this to be a legitimate thing in the game; zombie mode expanded into what we know today.

Before the actual reveal, the group continuously teased the audience by touting new Easter eggs and names players should watch out for. They went and talked about a previous map called “Mob of the Dead” while it won’t be a rehash it will go back to the time period. The first new map called “Shadows of Evil” will revisit film noir at its height. The trailer was chopped full of neon glitz and tommy guns. Oh look you’ll get to use samurai swords. Magic gumball machines will deliver power ups and there’s a new boss for teams to get together and battle.

Here’s the update of the trailer from Activision’s Blog

The cast will include Heather Graham, Neil McDonough, Ron Pearlman, Robert Ricardo, and (absent) Jeff Goldblum. Graham will play a burlesque dancer while Pearlman will be a boxer. Black Ops 3 Hardened Edition comes with a bonus map for zombies called the Giant and Jason showed off the main piece of the Juggernog edition it looks like an old mini fridge that actually holds 12 cans. The Giant connects to the cliffhanger at the end of Black Ops 2’s zombie mode. The trailer shows characters from previous games taking down a Nazi science project which turns out to be Richtofen. The cast for the story includes Fred Tatasciore, Tom Kane, Steve Blum, and Nolan North. North answered everything in his Richtofen voice a mix of sleaze with a bit of seduction.

Fans had a chance for a short Q&A session with everyone on stage.

-No plans for a release pack with previous maps, but it could happen in the future.

– Mark II weapons could come back as Mark III

– PC mod support not currently ready to be talked about

– Shadows of Evil will tie into Mob of the Dead.