For those who want to go all the way on looking ghastly, a newly announced show on The Nerdist YouTube channel should provide all the fashion tips you need. BLOOD AND GUTS will star Anthrax founder and horror expert Scott Ian on a gruesome journey as he learns the secrets of special FX makeup from masters such as Greg (The Walking Dead) Nicotero. The show is a joint venture between Nerdist and Fangoria, the venerable horror magazine.

BLOOD AND GUTS will show Ian learning how face wounds, ripped off arms and zombie pallor are created from the best in the makeup FX business. “I’ve been neck-deep in blood and guts for the last 30 years playing in Anthrax,” Ian said in a statement, “so I couldn’t be more excited to be hosting a show called ‘Blood & Guts’ for you horror and metal fans.” He also recently went under the latex himself to play a zombie on a Walking Dead webisode, above.

The show is yet another example of how new media is shortening the production gap says Chris Hardwick, the Nerdist himself. “A week ago we sat down with Fangoria and talked about doing something horror related,” he told The Beat. “They showed us a test run of a makeup effects show, and I said, ‘Scott Ian might want to do this,’ and we asked and he said, ‘Sure!’

“From the time we came up with the idea for the thing to having a thing was three days,” he continued. “That’s what’s so great about new media—there’s no speed bumps, and no corporate infrastructure to get in the way.”

Ian is well known as a horror fanatic—and a sometimes comics fan as his LOBO miniseries showed—but he met Hardwick through yet another medium. “He’s also a comedy nerd. We met from hanging out in LA in, weirdly, the comedy scene.”

The Nerdist Channel launched on April 2, 2012, with a slate of YouTube programming from Hardwick, Neil Patrick Harris, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Rob Zombie, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Harry Knowles, Comic Book Club, and, our favorite, “Weird Sh*t from Japan” which features Finnish thrillseekers The Dudesons testing different toilets and so on.