Sana Amanat, the editor behind Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel and many other fine Marvel comics, has been promoted to Director of Content and Character Development. This is a new title for Marvel, as far as I can tell, but I could be wrong. Amanat has definitely become a star editor at Marvel over the last few years, so this is a well deserved promotion.

Plus, as I was discussing in an interview the other day, while women creators and readers are well established in comics, female executives are not quite as out in front, so it’s a welcome promotion in many regards.


  1. This seems like a good idea… Someone in charge to gauge new titles and characters, and make sure they launch successfully.

    The “A-Force” announcement (was that scheduled for The View?) seems to be an example.

    I hope they’ll add some beginning reader titles… maybe test the water with an “Essential Spidey Super Stories”?

  2. ‘Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel’

    terrible books liked only by the hipster crowd. Horrible appointment.

    If Marvel had launched an all male group the internet would be up in arms over the lack of diversity buy for some reason an all woman group is great!!

  3. @oldfoggy – that’s because an all-male is what we’ve generally had historically. That’s like “dog bites man” – it’s not news (or new).

  4. @oldfoggy you have over 70+ years of comic books where white males dominated and those titles are in back issues or collected for you to read. So, please go over there and read those and do not disturb what is a new renaissance of comic books that’s bringing new ideas and new voices to the medium. Comics will only survive with new voices and new ideas to bring new people into the medium. Don’t forget, back in 64 i’m sure there was someone writing letters about how the Fantastic Four was destroying comics and we know how that turned out…

  5. Huzzah! I just met her, and now she’s even more a power in the industry. Must be that Thomases Bump (with nod to Stephen Colbert).

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