UPDATE: 6:30 pdt: I have received an official press release from the San Diego Harbor Unified District Police  that a man has been arrested in connection with this incident. The statement reads:

Harbor Police arrested a 29-year-old man early Sunday morning, July 27th in a hotel at 333 West Harbor Drive. He was booked into San Diego County Jail at 11:20 am on charges of sexual contact with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of minor. The victim, a juvenile female, was transported to a hospital for evaluation and treatment. The Harbor Police Investigations Unit is handling the incident. This investigation is ongoing.

Since the victim is a minor, her privacy and that of her family should be respected.

UPDATE 2:20 pdt: This is still under investigation. Still no confirmation that a police report was ever filed.

With Comic-Con winding up there has been a smattering of word on Tumblr and Reddit about a young female cosplayer dressed as Roger Rabbit being attacked and left bleeding by the side of the road. Although details remain sketchy, after speaking with the girl’s parents, I have ascertained that it is unfortunately true. The SDPD is currently investigating the crime. I have removed the names from this, but if you have any more information, please do not contact the family directly. Call the San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2000. I repeat, DO NOT CALL THE FAMILY. Several people have already spoken with them and with their daughter in the hospital they do not need any more distress fielding phone calls.

According to the girl’s mother, her injuries are severe, and indicate a vicious beating. Here is the account of what occurred from Tumblr:


One of my dearest friends was found on the side of the road, unconscious and bloody. She was wearing this cosplay on the day it happened. She was last seen with friends when she ran off after a disagreement. Please, please, please, if you have ANY information or saw her anywhere, contact her mother. The full information is down below. This isn’t okay and it’s sickening to know that this happened at a place people truly can enjoy themselves. Please spread the word.

”I just received a call from the San Diego Police Department and my daughter REDACTED aka REDACTED was found on the side of the road covered in blood with no ID unconscious. They are unsure what happened to her. My husband is on his way to the police station and then the hospital. If you have any information on what happened to her please send me a facebook message or call me at REDACTED. Thank you in advance”. -REDACTED

Obviously this crime is going to be added to the current discussion of all the issues regarding Comic-Con, harassment, cosplay, crowds and more. It’s a stark and heartbreaking reminder that even if Comic-Con is a wonderful fantasy world brought to life, there are real life predators out there. Have fun but play safe and sane. My heart goes out to this girl, who was an experienced cosplayed who had recently been to Anime Expo, and her family. Her mother says it was her dream to go to Comic-Con. Let’s hope that her attackers are caught and when she’s recovered she can come back in style as a heroine.


  1. I’m not sure who you spoke with but I personally emailed the Central Division of the SDPD to check the validity of this story. I was told they have no record.

  2. I cant find anything online about this except this one article. We would love to spread the word/Boost the signal and help out over at G33K-HQ.com but there is no source listed and no verification from SDPD. Can anyone list any source or way to verify this actually happened? We meet her at SDCC and she is not only an amazing cosplayer but seemed like an awesome person. I can not see how anyone could do this to a person. If anyone has any sources or way to verify this article please let us know over at g33k-hq so we can help boost the signal

  3. “No confirmation that a police report was ever filed.” If a report wasn’t filed, the police would have nothing on the case.

  4. According to her parents’ Facebook pages, this is real. I’ve heard the case is being handled by San Diego Harbor Police; at (619) 686-6272.

  5. It’s not a hoax! I belong to a cosplay group that she’s in and we’ve been in touch with her parents. It’s real. Police won’t give out info because it’s under investigation. She’s currently at the icu with bleeding and swelling in we brain. Keep spreading the word!


    You definitely need to share this and get this around! Whoever did this needs to be found!

  7. I saw this girl earlier in the day on Saturday. I called San Diego Police – they said that Harbor Police are handling the story.

    Harbor Police says they’re investigating whether this might be a hoax, as they currently have NO INFORMATION about this incident taking place.

  8. Spend more than a few seconds on Google and you can see her friends AND her mother’s post about this.
    Kind of shock that people are automatically screaming HOAX! because every little detail isn’t being given out in these articles. They don’t have the details, that’s pretty much the point behind the “seek information” part of the headline, right?
    Demanding excuses and stories from a potential victim and/or their friends isn’t helping a damn thing.

  9. I’m sorry to validate it further. It’s not in the database of the Central Div because it’s a case in the San Diego Harbor Police Div. :'( You have multiple confirmations now. Solid reporting (not something we see often in these cases).

  10. I called the SDPD to fact check the article and turns out the only thing they got wrong is the number to call, since this is in the Harbor Police’s jurisdiction and not the SDPD’s. The correct number to call is 619-686-6272.

  11. I just got off the phone with SDHP, and they said they have only heard of this through the internet story. They were not contacted by any parents. They are currently investigating to see if the story is true, and will put out a press release if they do in fact need to get information on this young lady in question. They recommended not forwarding this story on so as not to muddy the waters for their investigation. Figured I’d give people the heads up on that.

  12. Twitter user @peruanocargoso called SD Harbor Police (because he had a pic of the cosplayer) and said they confirmed the beating and that there was statutory rape.

  13. I just got off the phone with the SDHP. They said they’re investigating the internet rumor, but have no reports of any crime like this actually taking place, and that they’re not seeking information about it.

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